BCX-Telkom readying to offer converged products


Unlisted technology firm Business Connexion (BCX) is working tirelessly with its parent company, Telkom – South Africa’s biggest fixed-line telephone group, to develop converged products and launch them onto market in three to four months’ time.  By Gugu Lourie

The company, which was acquired by Telkom late last year and kept as a standalone entity, will help the leading South African fixed-line group advance its convergence strategy and support it grow its enterprise operations.

BCX CEO Isaac Mophatlane said the technology group was fully aware that the market is anticipating products and solutions around convergence.

“I think we are probably doing a lot of what I call ‘hygiene stuff’ first and I think probably in three to four months, we should be able to see products that we put together (with Telkom),” said Mophatlane in an exclusive interview with TechFinancials.co.za


“There is no doubt that we working flat out in ensuring that we have relevant products that come to the market.


“The key is not actually to create products and hope for the uptake. The thing is that they have to be customer-led … it’s not about let’s develop products and hope the market uptake is going to be there. Those days are over. It’s a costly exercise to go that route.”

BCX is one of the biggest ICT players in the country with strong capabilities in managed IT infrastructure, including data centres and application development.

The acquisition of BCX by Telkom is in line with the global trend of telco’s and tech firm convergence driving the development of rapidly changing products and services and reshaping the overall IT and telecoms space. This convergence trend has seen many traditional IT firms merge with telco’s.

The sales teams of BCX and Telkom have been working hard in seeking new opportunities in the enterprise space.

“Essentially our sales teams are closely working together in driving opportunities in the enterprise space for both the public and private sector. We are jointly working together in bids with Telkom Business. Our teams are more aligned. We try avoid duplication,” said Mophatlane.


“It’s more of one sales force engaging with customers, which is highly co-ordinated.”

This is aimed at improving the customer value propositions of both firms through a greater ability to provide integrated end-to-end ICT solutions and a more global and competitive offering.

BCX is one of the largest ICT services providers when measured in terms of turnover, total assets and staff compliment.

The company employs more than 6,700 people in Africa and has offices in various African countries, the United Kingdom and Dubai, which generate revenue in excess of R6 billion per annum.

BCX has operations in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.


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