Fake Van Rooyen Twitter account upsets Treasury

South Africa’s new finance minister has distanced himself from a Twitter account that has amassed several followers. By Duncan Alfreds, NewsAgency

One account in the name of Douglas van Rooyen, @daviddvanrooyen, had over 2 600 followers as of Friday morning and follows just two accounts, one of them being the presidency.

“The Minister of Finance, Mr Douglas van Rooyen wishes to place on record that a Twitter account which goes by the handles @douglavanrooyen or @daviddvanrooyen and purporting to be Minister Douglas van Rooyen and using his picture is neither his nor that of his office,” said the ministry in a statement.


It added that the minister does not yet have a Twitter account and lambasted the social media activity in the name of Van Rooyen.

“The Ministry of Finance denounces the account as parody as it has clear intent to deceive, confuse and damage the image of the Minister as a person and an institution.”

The account gives an indication that it is a fake, by purporting to reveal personal interests.

“Was chief whip on the standing committee on finance, and now I’m the minister. I love soccer, golf, tennis, reading, hunting and parody accounts,” says the account’s description.

The treasury said it has reported the account to Twitter. – Fin24


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