Telkom LTE promo exclude N.Cape


Telkom today announced that it will be extending its SmartBroadband Uncapped High Speed Wireless packages focusing on select LTE base stations nationally. By Staff Writer

The packages will target 520 sites in the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and Western Cape.

But strangely the Northern Cape is excluded from the Telkom and therefore the operator’s SmartBroadband Uncapped High Speed Wireless packages are not covering the entire population of South Africa.

The telco said this is an extension of the original phase and it will be available from 1 December 2015 to 30 June 2016.

Customers will be able to access this offer through Telkom’s online channels, at Telkom stores or via Telkom’s direct sales force, on a 24 month contract at prices starting at R599. These packages are being rolled out to other areas in South Africa on the back of its success in Gauteng since its launch in June 2015.

“We have seen such an uptake on these offers in Gauteng that we now see the roll out of the third phase officially making this a national offer,” said Attila Vitai, managing director of Telkom Mobile and Consumer.

The uncapped high speed package allows customers to access the web at high speeds with peace of mind that their bill will not increase regardless of their usage. As part of the promotional offer, customers will also receive an antenna and installation by Telkom technicians at no additional cost. Promotional packages will be capped at 150 per base station to ensure a high quality customer experience with the service.

The introductory offer will start at R599 for the first 50 customers (only available online), R699 for the second 50 and R799 for the final 50 available packages at each base station. Telkom’s SmartBroadband Uncapped High Speed Wireless service includes uncapped data for all traffic types. Normal fair usage policies will be applied.

As this promotion is only applicable to selected areas around the country it is important to visit the online sale portal on the Telkom website to check the coverage map.  On the coverage map, physical addresses can be entered to determine whether or not a customer is eligible to participate in the sale and claim one of the 150 spots available per base station.

Customers who participate in the online sale or purchase the packages at Telkom stores or via Telkom’s direct sales force after the 150 spots have already been taken, will be added to a waiting list. Existing Telkom customers in the select areas will have the opportunity to transition to the new packages depending on availability at each base station.



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