ClickTab exclusively available at Incredible Connection


Ahead of the festive season, Incredible Connection has introduced a new range of tablets – Click – exclusive to the retailer. By Staff Writer

What’s more, the retailer will also be introducing a 3G enabled tablet aimed at children between ages 3 and 10 with a custom software interface that specifically caters to children – the new ClickTab Kids 7.

“As consumers become more reliant on mobile devices for their digital lifestyle and business requirements, the ClickTab range delivers on our promise and commitment to providing consumers with a variety of options to meet their diverse needs – all in an affordable and compact tablet – and we are excited that these will be exclusively available to Incredible Connection,” says Sean Nelson, merchandise executive at Incredible Connection.

Click 8GB 3G Tablet

The ClickTab 7” comes with a quad core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB of on-board storage. Running off Android 5.1, the tablet has a FM radio as well as a front and rear camera and the dual-sim 3G connectivity makes it extremely versatile at home and in the office.

The ClickTab 7” also boasts voice calling functionality.

ClickTab Kids 

This 7” 3G enabled tablet caters specifically for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years.

The tablet come pre-loaded with over 25 Apps and age appropriate Games for children with access to an App store with hundreds more. The unit also comes fitted with a durable silicone rubber sleeve built to absorb drops and falls.

Most importantly, is the built in parental controls that allow parents to limit the time that children can spend on the tablets, the time of day that play is allowed and even what apps and games they can have access to. Parents can even set up profiles for different children of different ages and manage each child’s profile separately.

Click value added accessories will also be available – including a Click branded folio cover available in two colours as well as Click branded screen protectors.

The Click 8GB 3G Tablet and ClickTab Kids are now available at Incredible Connection at a Recommended Retail Price of R1 499.00 respectively.


  1. The problem with this phone is that when you press the power button there are 5 options.
    1. Power Off
    2. Airplane Mode
    3. Settings
    4.Lock Now (This is where the problem lies)
    5. Reboot

    If you accidentally press Lock Now, it does exactly that without creating a password option. When you do go back on to use it it asks for Privacy Protection password. No password was created. Tried all the usual 00000 12345 1111 1234 passwords it does not accept. Managed to get to Factory Reset with use of power button and volume button and reset to the sacrifice of data and downloads. I rebooted and could see the reset had taken effect but then Privacy Protection password re appeared. Did another Factory reset and rebooted and Privacy Protection still there. Took it to a cell shop and could do nothing to eliminate the Privacy Protection. Now one useless tablet after 3 months


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