Life through Michael’s eyes: a modern-day law entrepreneur


Many years ago Michael left his small town for the big city to pursue his studies in Law. Although just 19 years of age, he believed ambition and intelligence was his perfect recipe for success. By Staff Writer

Upon obtaining his LLB degree from one of the countries top universities, with a Cum Laude, finding a top firm for his articles was a smooth and quick process, actually this would be the first time that Michael would experience being headhunted, how exciting he thought, a real Harvey Spector.

In just 5 short years, after completing his articles and being accepted to the bar, Michael had made a name for himself in several prestigious law firms. His talents brought-in huge profits and most firms couldn’t wait to headhunt him, or at least have the opportunity to sit-down with the industries now dubbed ‘wunderkind’.

Little did they know, Michael was not thinking along those lines, in fact all he really cared about was making a tangible difference in the world he lived in. You see, his big goal was to save-up enough money to build his mother a mansion in the city, a dream she’s had since childhood but never had the opportunity to fulfil. With such a great plan in mind, Michael continued to excel and work exceptionally well. Cashing-in on his numerous career moves.

One Saturday night bored to death from working hard and never actually “enjoying life” Michael went to a bar, a small smoke filled room that’s overcrowded, with people always peeling out of the door, looking like they’re free divers catching fresh air after a long dive.

It was close to Michaels apartment and many nights after work he would walk past the bar wanting to go in, but it always seemed a bit to noisy for his ear, how can you strike up a conversation when it’s too loud to hear anything clearly. Tonight was different, tonight would be the first time he meets his father-in-law and soon-to-be his business mentor.

About 6 months down the line, with his father-in-law’s guidance, Michael opened his own law firm – the greatest achievement of his life. Not long after its inception, his firm grew popular and successful around the city. This didn’t come as a shock to many, it had the best lawyers, all with excellent track records, all wanting to work side-by-side with the man of the moment, this level of expertise was hard to find in any other firm. The only growing problem they were all experiencing, was the growing importance of technological competence and office equipment, which in-reality could not keep-up with their workload.

Disaster struck, valuable client information was lost. The firm’s document management system had no back-ups. It was one of those rare occasions in life, a truly life or death situation for the firm, never could they afford a mistake of this magnitude ever again. The ability to work and access crucial client information remotely increased exponentially, in fact it became paramount to the success of the firm. You can’t grow when the printer and fax machine is constantly on vacation. The smooth flow of work was compromised, client files became a down right mess, court days became even more frustrating – anything could possibly go wrong before leaving for court.

Michael’s firm needed a technological make-over in order to maintain its competitive edge, he’s good name couldn’t be tarnished by something as stupid as this, he wouldn’t let it. Then Michael started shopping around and when he was introduced to Kyocera’s SmartVault electronic document solution the firm changed, it experienced it’s very own version 2.0 moment and has never been the same again. It’s even better than Michael could’ve imagined! The firm’s documents are now cloud-based, all in one central location, with a permissions structure to ensure that high levels of protection and confidentiality is maintained.

Documents can be imported via fax, email or MS Office and routed among associates. Emails are archived and documents saved in the native file and PDF format. Michael didn’t stop there and included Mobile Print and AirPrint to ensure the mobile app add-on functionality works best for everyone. He sealed the deal with an ECOSYS M3540idn multifunction printer. It prints up to 40 pages per minute in A4. It copies, faxes and colour-scans too.

So, it’s the usual business at Michael’s firm but definitely not business as usual and it’s now regarded as one of the most tech-savvy law firms of the century. His associates work smarter not harder, the key to any business success, and they’re more relevant to clients of all. Clients save money and most importantly, win majority of their cases because nothing is a miss and everyone is on top of their game. Michael couldn’t be happier and is the proud father of three beautiful daughters and his mother is ageing gracefully in the city mansion he bought her.



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