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Are you in need of a flash drive, which can free up and expand your memory and storage on your iPhone, iPad and personal computer (PC), making it easy to access and transfer photos and videos between devices wherever you are? Try SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive it works on your iPhone, iPad and PC. By Gugu Lourie

The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive on review offers 32GB of memory.

The US-based manufacturer also has USB’s that can expand memory and storage of Iphones, Ipads and PCs by up to 128GB.

The iXpand is a plug-and-play design – no need for complicated configuration.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive on my personal computer

Unlike the first USB flash drive of 2000 that offered a storage capacity of 8MB, the iXpand is likely to drive the explosion in the demand for digital storage especially in Africa.

What’s more refreshing about the iXpand is the fact that the user can encrypt files for secure transfer between smart devices.

This will come in handy if the drive ends up in the wrong hands as encryption will protect your sensitive files on your flash drive.

The user can also lock files on their iPhone with a password using touch ID.

While reviewing the iXpand, I was able to plug the it into my computer using the standard USB connector and it also easily connected to my iPhone. Thereafter, transferring files between my computer and iPhone was simple.

The flash drive also works with the iXpand app, which enables users to auto-sync videos and photos to the drive. This allows the user to play music and videos directly from the drive, freeing up memory on the smart device.

Users can also delete files on the drive, but the app doesn’t allow the deleting of files stored on an iPhone or iPad.

I must say that this flash drive is a remarkable storage device for people like me who regularly need additional space to store videos and photos.

The iXpand has enabled me to store my photos securely on the drive.

In the process it has also freed up my iPhone – ensuring that the speed and storage of my smartphone is not affected.

SanDisk iXpand: A portable, pocket size flash drive for your iPhone, iPad and computers
SanDisk iXpand: A portable, pocket size flash drive for your iPhone, iPad and computers

The flash drive industry is projected to exceed 555 million units globally by 2020, driven by demand for digital storage, according to a report by the Global Industry Analysts.

As an iPhone user, I am happy the iXpand has solved my biggest problem – the need for expandable storage.

Some  might argue that they don’t need an iXpand to store videos and images as the iPhone and iPads provide an option to do so on cloud.

But what happens when the user can’t access cloud, their mobile phone high-speed internet access is down and the storage is full?

That’s when iXpand flash drive comes in handy.

That said, the down side iof iXpand is that the device has to be charged at some point. However, it’s easy to charge the flash drive; just plug it on a USB port on a computer and it automatically charges.

I have been using iXpand Flash Drive for more than two weeks.

While it is handy, it is another addition to the devices I carry around with my iPhone.

Final Verdict

What really makes the iXpand Flash Drive a great portable device is the fact that it can instantly expand memory and storage of your iPhone.


  • Sleek design and light
  • Portable
  • Sharing files on the go
  • Auto-backup
  • Video playback
  • Lightning and USB connectors make it a snap to move picture, videos between devices


  • Another additional device to carry
  • Pity you can’t store big movies on the 32GB device
  • Why does it need to be charged?
  • Would it survive when next-generation iPhones are introduced?

Watch below a short video about the SanDisk iXpand – a portable, pocket size flash drive for your iPhone, iPad and computers:


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