Webfluential sets up a Digital Hub in Sandton

Webfluential has relocated to new offices in Sandton, which will also accommodate marketers and influencers that use the platform. By Staff Writer

The Webfluential campus is based at corner Katherine & West building in Sandton, located next to the Gautrain station to provide an easy commute for staff and visitors.

Murray Legg, Strategy Head at Webfluential

Webfluential is a subscription-based online platform that connects brands with consumers through credible and most influential web users – not those who inflate their reach by buying followers. It uses an algorithm to distinguish real followers.

“Influencer marketing is a new means of audience engagement which requires education for both brands and influencers. We want to offer a space where our team, brands, agencies and influencers can learn and engage. Our new campus allows us to socialise and execute best practice Influencer Marketing with all stakeholders, whilst exposing ourselves to the next frontier of Influencer Marketing businesses,” says Murray Legg, co-founder of Webfluential.

With a combination of work and play spaces for staff and guests, the Webfluential campus offers an array of collaborative meeting areas, boardrooms and hot desks.

“The rapid expansion of our platform has been incredible and our new campus is a fantastic location for us to continue to support and foster innovation in the Influencer Marketing community,” says Sharman.

The new environment aims to reflect the Webfluential brand – which is about people and their connections and even gives influencers the opportunity to work from hot desks.

“We encourage our influencers to drop by to meet the team, work from the hot desks and attend our regular training sessions,” says Ruan Fourie, Head of Influencer Marketing. “As part of our ongoing influencer engagement programme, Webfluential will host training on platforms, branded content development and influencer best practice workshops.”

Webfluential new head office meeting area

The investment in the new campus has been planned with future growth in mind and the addition of new team members.

“Webfluential is all about our team. They’re our biggest asset and we will continue to invest in the best talent the industry has to offer,” says Kirsty Sharman, CEO of Webfluential South Africa.

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