Telkom heats up data wars


Telkom is declaring war on  its competitors this festive season. The telco has doubled data allotment on its plans, giving customers free data to chat endlessly with their friends and share great moments with loved on social media this summer – that it has dubbed “It’s a Summer Unlimited, Baby!”.  By Staff Writer

All Telkom customers are set to receive double their Telkom Internet data allocation for free from 01 October 2015 to 31 March 2016 the Company announced today.

This means that customers on Telkom’s largest SoftCap package will now receive one Terrabyte of data per month.

“The demand for data is infinite and our efforts are geared to offering our customers as much value as we possibly can to satisfy this demand. Not only are we increasing data values but we have also reviewed and reduced the prices on our top data products.,” said Telkom’s Managing Director of Telkom Mobile and Consumer, Mr Attila Vitai.

For example, we have reduced the price of our 500 GB product from R2495 to R1599 – now with our double data promotion customers will receive one Terrabyte of data for R1599.

Telkom’s data TopUp rates have also been reduced and the double data promotion also applies to TopUp options.

Telkom also announced the return of its popular “TI Entertainment” add on for R99 per month which offers customers an uncapped experience to selected content sites including Apple TV, iTunes and   DSTV online services such as BoxOffice and CatchUp.

“This Summer we will be leveraging our powerful fixed- mobile convergence capabilities to ensure that customers awaiting installations and certain customers in high fault zones are able to access their monthly fixed data allocation to connect to the Internet using the on-net Telkom Mobile network,” explained Vitai.

The Telkom Integrated Data service will be targeted at certain customers and requires a Telkom Internet SIM card with specific configuration setting to enable the alternative access and to set up modems and devices for use or fail over.


Telkom Internet product and rate changes


Telkom Internet Home SoftCap Standalone
Product DescriptionCurrent PriceDouble Data PromotionNew Price
10GB R 99,0020GBR 99,00
20GB R 149,0040GBR 149,00
50GB R 269,00100GBR 269,00
100GB R 525,00200GBR 525,00
200GB R 995,00400GBR 699,00
300GB R 1 495,00600GBR 999,00
500GB R 2 495,001TBR 1 599,00


The double data promotion applies from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016


Telkom Internet TopUp, Out of Bundle, TopUp Saver
Product DescriptionCurrent PriceDouble Data Promotion
Out of Bundle1.2c/MB
TopUp 2GBR 24,004GB
TopUp 4GBR 48,008GB
TopUp 6GBR 72,0012GB
TopUp 8GBR 96,0016GB
TopUp Saver 10GB R 99,0020GB
TopUp Saver 20GB R 149,0040GB
TopUp Saver 50GB R 269,00100GB
TopUp Saver 100GB R 525,00200GB
TopUp Saver 200GB R 699,00400GB
TopUp Saver 300GB R 999,00600GB
TopUp Saver 500GB R 1 999,001TB


The double data promotion applies from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016


Telkom Internet Home Uncapped Standalone 
Product DescriptionCurrent PriceNew Price
2Mbps Home UncappedR 229,00 R 229,00
4Mbps Home Uncapped R 286,00 R 286,00
10Mbps Home Uncapped R 574,00 R 574,00
20Mbps Home Uncapped R 1 099,00 R 999,00
40Mbps Home Uncapped R 1 799,00 R 1 439,00
100Mbps Home UncappedR 2 687,00 R 2 149,00


Price changes applicable from 1 October 2015



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