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Monday, December 11, 2017
Tags #MiWay

Tag: #MiWay

The Author of Fake MiWay Mail Apologises

By Staff WriterThe author of the social media post purported to show a racist and offensive mail written by a MiWay staff member, has...

MiWay says Independent Forensic Audit Proves Racist Mail is Fake

By Staff WriterSouth Africa’s short-term insurer MiWay announced late on Tuesday in a statement that an Independent forensic audit proves that the Racist mail...

MiWay Dismisses Racist Social Media Post as ‘Fake News’

By Staff WriterSouth Africa’s short-term insurer MiWay has rejected the email screenshot that is circulating on social media calling black clients “baboons”.MiWay said in...

Twitter Reacts to a “Racist” MiWay Email

By Staff WriterAfter a racial email from an alleged MiWay Claims Administrator, Aarthi Roopnarain, started circulating on WhatsApp platform, Twitter users attacked insurance company...
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