The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has issued a stern warning to the public regarding a concerning trend of individuals impersonating Centaur Asset Management Ltd, a reputable financial services provider. These imposters have been operating through a WhatsApp number (+27 67 209 8867), falsely representing themselves as representatives of Centaur, which holds FSP number 647, and engaging in fraudulent financial activities.

The FSCA has received reports indicating that individuals purporting to be Mr. Lungelo Ngwane and Mr. Thembinkosi Dlomo, allegedly affiliated with Centaur Asset Management Ltd, have been soliciting deposits from unsuspecting individuals under false pretenses. Centaur has confirmed that neither Mr. Lungelo Ngwane nor Mr. Thembinkosi Dlomo are employed by their organization, disassociating themselves entirely from these unauthorized activities.

It is essential for the public to exercise vigilance and caution when encountering such schemes, especially those conducted through messaging and social media platforms. The prevalence of fraudulent activities in these channels is on the rise, and individuals must remain diligent in safeguarding their financial interests.

The FSCA emphasizes that Mr. Lungelo Ngwane and Mr. Thembinkosi Dlomo, or any individuals claiming affiliation with Centaur Asset Management Ltd, lack the necessary authorization to provide financial services on behalf of any legitimate financial services provider. Engaging in financial transactions with these unauthorized individuals poses significant risks to the public, including financial loss and potential identity theft.

As part of its ongoing commitment to protecting consumers and maintaining the integrity of the financial services industry, the FSCA urges individuals to exercise due diligence and verify the credentials of any financial services provider before engaging in business transactions. By remaining vigilant and informed, the public can effectively safeguard themselves against fraudulent schemes and mitigate financial risks.

In conclusion, the FSCA reiterates the importance of remaining vigilant against fraudulent activities and encourages individuals to report any suspicious behavior or unauthorized financial services to the relevant authorities promptly. Through collective awareness and proactive measures, we can collectively combat financial fraud and uphold the standards of trust and integrity within the financial services sector.

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