Discover the latest episode of TFS Bag of Words, where MTN South Africa’s Bertus Van Der Vyver delves into the groundbreaking MTN SuperFlex mobile plan.

In a world where the cost of living can cause frustration, the burden of expensive mobile plans should not add to your worries.

MTN addresses this concern with its innovative solution, MTN SuperFlex, a month-to-month SIM-only plan that prioritises your convenience.

In this engaging podcast, Van Der Vyver, General Manager for MTN Residential, sheds light on how MTN SuperFlex aims to transform the way customers perceive mobile plans.

He discusses the challenge of providing both cutting-edge mobile devices and value for money, offering insights into the plan’s personalisation features. Want to learn more about this revolutionary mobile plan? Join Bertus Van Der Vyver in this episode of TFS Bag of Words, where he unpacks the intricacies of MTN SuperFlex, providing valuable information for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

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The TFS Bag of Words is produced by our talented Content Executive Producer, Emile Mariemuthu


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