It’s truly remarkable to contemplate that Telkom’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) is commemorating its 25th anniversary.

Through the CoE Programme, substantial funding and assistance are channelled into the advanced education of post-graduates (encompassing PhD, Masters, and Honours levels) within the realm of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E). This initiative not only enhanced technical research and innovation on a significant scale in South Africa but also nurtures the growth of adept professionals in these fields.

Telkom has seamlessly integrated several innovations stemming from these students, one notable example being Izwe.AI, which has been harnessed to enhance the quality of customer service.

Telkom CEO Serame Taukobong told TechFinancials that beyond this, the company has taken on the task of reequipping its workforce to seamlessly adapt to the emergent landscape of the modern professional sphere.


Watch the discussion below:

What is the Telkom of Tomorrow? 

How do we nurture SA’s digital talent?

How is Telkom reskilling its workforce to face the new digital world?

How do we adapt AI to African languages to improve customer care?

How are Telkom’s Centre of Excellence benefiting South Africa?


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