Andile Ngcaba’s inq. Partners With HubbleIQ For Their Work From Home Suite Of Products


In a quest to cater to our corporate customers in monitoring their employees who work remotely, inq. is launching HomeConnect; a work from home solution. The objective is to offer support and provide organisations with security for connectivity and application tools to minimise their risk as they connect remote users of organisations to productivity applications, business applications, and their customers.

“Due to the current pandemic, there has been an explosion in employees working from home, this has put a lot of stress on IT support which many enterprises are struggling to scale,” Pramod Venkatesh, inq. Group CTO said.

“Our partnership with HubbleIQ delivers AI-enabled Remote services, which can quickly detect where the issue is arising, thereby providing quick resolution to employees automatically without reaching out to IT support.

“The Remote Support is delivered through an experience management solution that surveys performance across various network links, including WiFi, to preemptively and proactively measure a remote user’s ability to consume web- and cloud-based services.”

The partnership with HubbleIQ enables monitoring for prevention and proactiveness,  empowers remote users of all technical aptitudes to identify risk and avoid potential issues resulting in slight experience degradation and interruption.

“HubbleIQ was the perfect service management partner to ensure that we offer our customers a product that guarantees operational efficiency.,” Dr. Christian Wirtz, Group CEO.


“They complete our product by proactively assessing and monitoring connectivity performance, security, and access to collaboration services.”

When commenting on behalf of HubbleIQ,  CEO Keyvan Berenjian said “Old-fashioned methods no longer work when supporting and securing the work-from-anywhere digital experience, HubbleIQ brings actionable insights to IT and intelligent self service support to end-users. We are thrilled to partner with inq. Who is pioneering the evolution of IT on the African continent.”

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