Norman Goodfellows Spruces Up Its On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Service

Picup offers a last-mile delivery service backed by innovative logistics software and a fleet of reliable crowdsourced drivers.

Alcohol. Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels

Norman Goodfellows is a third-generation family-owned retail and redistribution business. Established in 1976, the company has been providing the finest wine, spirits, malts, soft drinks, party services and gifts for more than four decades. Today, the company delivers up to 1 000 deliveries a day.

Norman Goodfellows has partnered with Picup to build fully integrated on-demand delivery into its e-commerce platform. The entire solution was implemented within three days and can now handle hundreds of deliveries daily.

The wine and spirits merchant engaged with Picup and quickly implemented its logistics software. This solution automates the grouping of orders into specific routes. More importantly, Picup’s on-demand crowdsourced drivers are instantly available to deliver.

Picup offers a last-mile delivery service backed by innovative logistics software and a fleet of reliable crowdsourced drivers. It provides on-demand delivery of goods for retailers and its growing number of e-commerce clients.

When the first level 3 alcohol ban was lifted, Norman Goodfellows opened its online store and was inundated with thousands of orders from customers requiring alcohol to be delivered to their homes. This caused a massive bottleneck for them, from receiving online orders to picking, packing and then distributing.

Norman Goodfellows COO Jason McEvoy says they have traditionally had most of their delivery volume in the B2B channel.

“But with lockdown, we’ve had to redirect our model to cater for a massive increase in B2C. Although we had all the resources available to quickly build an e-commerce site, we still faced the challenge of fulfilment and delivery, Picup went a long way in relieving solving his problem for us overnight,” he explains.

Norman Goodfellows had limited vehicles available and conventional couriers couldn’t act fast enough or fulfil the specific requirement.

“Over the time that the ban was reintroduced, we’ve been working in close cooperation with the Picup team to streamline the process and improve the customer experience – from placing an order to delivering it to the customer’s door with real-time tracking,” adds McEvoy.

Picup CEO Antonio Bruni says their logistics software has now been fully integrated into Norman Goodfellows website.

“Picup enables the dispatch teams across the country to print waybills, label boxes and to pack parcels into optimised routes – either through Picup or a third party courier.”


“Our software provides live tracking of deliveries, ensuring that customers are notified as to the progress of each delivery. Furthermore, our deliveries are contactless and independent contractors are equipped with masks, sanitiser and guidelines for best behavioural practices,” he concludes.



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