Broadband Infraco Adds Undersea Cables Monitoring as part of its Service Offerings

broadband infraco
broadband infraco

Broadband Infraco has added a capability to monitor the West African Cable System (WACS) undersea cable’s performance as part of its newly acquired service offerings.

The WACS cable connects South Africa to the United Kingdom, with landing stations in Portugal and 11 other countries along the West Coast of Africa, spanning the West Coast of Africa and terminating in the United Kingdom, enabling connectivity into the rest of Europe and America.

This newly added service offering, which was available from May 2020, will afford Broadband Infraco the opportunity to oversee the operation, maintenance, configuration, testing and monitoring of the WACS undersea cable, utilising the primary Network Monitoring System (NMS).

This is in addition to the company’s state of the art Network Operations Centre (NOC), currently providing large screen views of the network, detailed reporting on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and a customer support centre nationally and regionally within the SADC region.

“This is a significant milestone in showcasing the capacity and skills that Broadband Infraco can deliver on world-class monitoring of the Undersea Cables, External Data Communications and the Secure Access – Virtual Private Networks, on a global scale,” said Peter Mafagana, Senior Manager: Network Operations.

“The partnership with WACS enables us to create a remarkable product and an exceptional customer experience for our existing customers.”

Monitoring of the WACS network will position the Company as a leading player in managed NOC services, further enabling Broadband Infraco to provide NOC as a service to other international operators, regional operators and government ICT companies.

“We are honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of operating the NOC for an international fibre cable system which handles over 5.1 Tbps or 5.1 Tb/s of traffic capacity,” said Mafagana.

“We will certainly leverage on the experience gained from managing our vast National Long Distance and regional optical fibre network.”


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