Hamilton Ndlovu Says the Video Showing New Cars “Was in Poor Taste”

Hamilton Ndlovu
Hamilton Ndlovu. Image Source: Savanah News

Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu, a Johannesburg-based businessman, opened up on videos showing several new cars being delivered to his house and the public support and backlash that followed.

The video circulated on Sunday on social media showing several new vehicles:  Lamborghini, Jeep and three Porsches bought by Ndlovu. For more read: Video: Hamilton Ndlovu Buys Lamborghini, Jeep and three Porsches

Ndlovu reflects on the video

“Over the past weekend, a video showing several new vehicles that I recently purchased for my family’s use was posted on my social media timeline,” said Ndlovu in a statement published on his Twitter page.

“After much introspection, and taking counsel from my family and community elders, I realized that the video was in poor taste and appeared at a very unfortunate time in our country as we are battling with an invisible enemy in COVID-19 which ahs once more exposed huge challenges faced by my community and many other townships in our country.”

See the statement below:





  1. U doing great work king and please do help people out when u can am sure u doing thank black child God bless you.

  2. Hamilton, son if you make your money in a honest way and you are patriotic to our lovely country and its people, you deserve to buy what you need and to your liking and nobody have the right to be jealous because God trusted you to be rich. I appreciate your apolgy as well as your respect for your elders and parents.
    God bless.

  3. Young man you have worked hard for yourself, you don’t have to worry about haters, you don’t owe anyone explanation may God bless you with your achievement

  4. The exposure will definitely affect your family. What u did has good and bad side effects, it depends what you can live with…. There’s nothing painful as to put family in a tight spot…… Also you might, just might, get a decline in your business ventures. Congratulations but i feel for you buddy. Hope you heal the soonest…. Keep the hustle, and don’t punish yourself by this….. Hope u r an honest individual buddy, I’m inspired though… Big ups.

  5. Hamilton , You are a hard worker and a goal getter, young and successful you don’t owe anyone any apology, you didn’t still any money ,,,Enjoy with your family 💸💰👌


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