New Facebook Group to Protest Against the Tobacco Ban

single cigarette stick with ashes stick
single cigarette stick with ashes stick. Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

A new Facebook group is planning a protest march against the tobacco ban imposed by the South African government.

The group, known as “Protest March Against The Tobacco Ban” is planning a protest march on Tuesday, 26 May.

The government has been warned and they have until Monday to do away with the tobacco ban. If not, the group will march to the gates of Parliament on Tuesday at 12:00, lockdown restrictions or not.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Action speaks louder than words. We Need To Take A Stand. We Need To Do This For Our Country! Viva South Africa!”

This comes after reports that Cooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma advocated for the ban on alcohol and tobacco to be in place until Level 1 is implemented in South Africa.

The group said on its Facebook page that due to the massive cost, people are sharing one cigarette amongst each other.

People are driving far distances to search for cigarettes, it said.
The group added that people are increasingly having to interact with strangers in unfamiliar areas, as the hunting distance increases. In some areas cigarettes have reached R20 for one. 11 million people were deceived in the lead up to Level 4,” the group wrote in its page.


  1. Unless goverment no sense of thinking…
    Introduced black market to sell cigrettes.

    How can cigrette ban stop a person from smoking just like that…

    Can a car work without petrol likewise .

    Cigrette ban is an excuse

  2. Where does it stop!
    They ban cigarettes now trying to control us and take away our right of freedom of choice and then what is next?
    saying things like” when they zol”…. What we do not zol we pay for our cigarettes legally all they are doing is fueling the black market and raising the crime ,you don’t get it? look outside in the streets!
    We were born free and like hell will we be enslaved by anyone!!!
    Thank you.

  3. We are not children Mr President!!!! Let us make our own choices…
    This government is a Circus that wants to dictate.

  4. Look carefully on the group , no one is selling or exchanging cigarettes. This group is about the protest against the tobacco ban.

  5. Stop using the virus as an excuse. It’s all about control… This country has become a dictatorship. It’s my right and my choice to smoke. Saying it’s for our own health is bullshit… That is for me to decide. Cyril advised that people over 60 should stay indoors because they high risk… The whole flipping parliament is high risk because it’s become a old age home… You are more at risk than us smokers. Our country is losing millions a day with this ban in place… What about our tobacco farmers as well. Mama Zol must step down… She is violating our human rights out of arrogance.!!!

  6. We are still smoking 12 guys on one cigarette waaaaaaaa! We gooi R2 each and then it’s 3 puffs each…

  7. THIS COURT CASE IS LEADING US BY THE NOSE. if you have a flu and you take medication it takes 2 weeks to heal, if you take no medication it takes 14 days. It has been a week and no come back from the court….
    nothing more as the silence from the government.


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