Mobile Casinos – the Trend of XXI Century

Mobile casinos are here to stay, thanks to them more players have access to that form of entertainment.

Mobile casino.
Mobile casino. Image: Online Gambling Sites

Mobile casinos in XXI century are revolutionising the gaming industry, and it doesn’t show as this trend will change. On the contrary, everything tells us that we go into more of a society that wants to have immediate access from any place and at any time to different kinds of services from shopping, through our personal appointments to entertainment. No surprise then that more and more casino players are accessing their favourite online casinos from the screen of their mobile device, it is a smartphone, an iPad, or even on some occasion their smartwatch.

Yes, smartwatches, like Apple Watch, for example, already have a fair share of betting and gambling applications, first revealed in early 2014 at the Annual Mobile World Congress applications like these are being more widely supported and looked into by Online Casino Operators, a great example can be a Springbok Mobile Casino that is offering their players not only a great overall experience but has a fantastic mobile version for all the tech geeks, or Sloty Casino with fantastic design, a library of games and smooth registration.

A lot of players still have a bit of hesitation when it comes to accessing their favourite casinos from their mobile device, as in the past there was a massive difference between what we can see on our favourite operators’ website on our laptop/desktop computer vs the mobile screen. But that’s why it is called the past – as it states what was before. Nowadays all gaming providers and consequently casino operators are making sure that the majority of their titles are optimised for smaller screens.  Not only a similar visual experience, but it offers the same kind of services, extensive bonuses (some of them exclusive for mobile players) as well as various promotions and free play games. Today it takes only a second to type into your search browser mobile casinos, and you will be displaying hundreds, or even thousands, results for the best online casino South Africa mobile sites. The trend is on the increase and the variety is only beneficial for the player.

Another worry for players and the source of hesitation they had from using the mobile version was a worry for the security and safety of both their mobile devices and their financial transactions. Part of it came from previous requirements to download additional software, or applications, the part where mobile transactions were not really considered safe and the systems were very prone to hacks.

That’s another thing that is going into the past now. Majority of the operators understood that players looking for convenience don’t necessarily want to download any additional software or application on their mobile device. Another improvement that helped the popularity of mobile casinos is the constant development of payment methods. With the global gambling market counted in billions of dollars, payment operators take it very seriously and there are a lot of payment methods catered towards gamblers, all of them are constantly improved and developed with the huge focus on safety and security so every player can feel confident and ‘can sleep well’ knowing that all his transactions and money deposited on their account are safe.

So, should everyone move their ‘game’ to mobile casinos?

General development of mobile devices and the fact that we are used to accessing everything on the go is tempting me to answer – of course not, not everyone should swap, but definitely that is the trend that we’re moving towards. Mobile screens are getting bigger, the devices that we carry in our pocket are already close to the power of our personal computers, so I think it’s only natural to assume that want it or not the line between desktop and mobile casinos are becoming more blurred and is fading with time. Not only is access to a similar library of games, bonuses and promotions but similar visual experience is making it more a matter of personal choice than device restriction as it used to be in the past.

Mobile casinos are here to stay, thanks to them more players have access to that form of entertainment. The convenience of being able to play, during a long train journey, while shopping or during your work break is definitely a winning formula for operators and game providers that are optimising their offering towards these customers, and besides not everyone has a computer, or laptop that they can access at any time, but let’s be honest it’s been a while since you’ve seen someone without a phone. So, I think it’s fair to say, not only a trend but a slow shift in focus.


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