Checkers Partners with Mr D Food to Deliver Medicine to your Home

Shoprite Xtra Savings Rewards Programme
Checkers Xtra Savings is here! Africa’s largest supermarket group has introduced its latest initiative that shows their loyalty to customers, and not the other way round.

Mr D Food has teamed up with Checkers to deliver prescriptions and medication to its MediRite pharmacy customers.

This initiative aims to provide a crucial service to MediRite customers and will also benefit vulnerable individuals and those not easily able to leave their homes.

In the drive to flatten the curve, this partnership is just one example of how food delivery apps can play an important role in supporting government initiatives to promote social distancing.

Customers can place their prescription and medicine orders with their local MediRite pharmacy and request delivery from Mr D Food.

To arrange the delivery of their medicine through the Mr D Food app, MediRite customers need to place an order and quote their MediRite order number. This simple process offers South Africans peace of mind as they navigate life and try to avoid public spaces. Now they can order medication, arrange delivery through the Mr D Food app and have the medicine delivered to their doorstep in a safe, contactless way.

“Our partnership with MediRite is just one example of how Mr D Food plans to support South Africans as they play their part in flattening the curve through social distancing,” says Mr D Food CEO Devin Sinclair.

Mr D Food’s initiative was inspired by the role that the ecommerce and online food delivery industries have played around the world. Over the past 4 months, online platforms in the US, UK, Europe and China have stepped up to fill the gap that has been caused by COVID-19, offering a lifeline to citizens. This was seen in Wuhan, at the height of their lockdown, where food delivery platform, Meituan and ecommerce companies, Alibaba and stepped up to ensure the community was supplied with all that they required in a responsible, hygienic and contactless manner, keeping citizens indoors and helping to flatten the curve.

To support social distancing measures, Mr D Food has implemented contactless delivery.

Sinclair adds, “Drivers have been instructed not to make physical contact with any customer and to maintain a safe distance. Bags will be placed on a surface indicated by you; the driver will then back away and allow you to pick out your order yourself. We have also temporarily deactivated cash payments and customers can use one of our other secure electronic payment methods available in app – credit / debit card, instant EFT or eBucks.”

All Mr D drivers have been educated in line with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines. Enhanced hygiene policies have been implemented, with drivers’ bags being frequently cleaned and all drivers having access to hand sanitiser with clear instructions to sanitise their hands before and after each delivery or collection. In addition, all drivers are temperature tested daily at each of the driver hubs. Protective masks are being rolled out for all drivers.

Mr D Food has also communicated with all partner stores on the platform to encourage them to follow the relevant advice issued by the WHO and local health authorities for their businesses.



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