MTN Introduces 80GB Mega Deal Promotion For R299pm

mtn logo
mtn logo

MTN South Africa announced on Wednesday the launch of the 80GB Mega Deal at R299 per month.

The mobile phone operator said the Mega Deal promotion is effective 1 August to 31 August 2019.

It said that customers who sign up, or upgrade on the My MTNChoice 10GB data plan will receive 80GB Data (40GB Anytime + 40GB Night Express) every month for 24 months.

MTN 80GB promo
MTN 80GB promo


In the first month of the customer’s contract, customers will also benefit from an additional 20GB promotional data and the 14GB Entertainment Pass.

The Entertainment Pass includes social and content streaming data.

MTN added that customers have an option of taking the offer as a SIM only or with a device, at an additional cost.


  1. When it’s too good to be true. 40GB night data, get a life MTN. We want 80GB day data. I’ll stick with Telkom mobile thanks, nobody can beat them with their “FreeMe” deals.

  2. Coming from an area where telkom network roams to vodacom telkom freeme bundles ain’t Shiid especially with their lit bundles not working when roaming, that’s a total rip off, according to me.

  3. Mtn may you please be honest is our data prices in south africa the same as that of Nigeria if they are cheaper I want to know the reason or are we subsidising them???


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