Avon Justine Introducing A New Direct Delivery Capability

Importantly, Direct Deliveries puts Avon’s digital offering on par with global pioneers in online shopping.

Avon South Africa
Avon South Africa

Over the last few months Avon, the largest direct-selling company in South Africa, has made remarkable progress in the implementation of its digital strategy, delivering value to its independent Representative by introducing digital stores that provide customers with a complete digital shopping experience and enabling them to fully enjoy the benefits of being in the digital era.

As part of its drive to deliver a unified and distinct customer experience, Avon has focussed on perfecting its digital experience without losing the personal touch that direct-selling’s success is built on. To this end, Avon has launched a Direct Deliveries store feature to customers which gives them a complete and gratifying digital shopping experience. Direct Deliveries will first be available in Gauteng from mid-April then rolled out to the rest of the country over the next few months.

“This secure, convenient and affordable service makes it possible for customers to get all their beauty essentials delivered when and how they want it. Our strategy stands out for its uniqueness to focus on delivering value to the customer with a strong focus on continually enhancing the customer experience,” says Momin Hukamdad, Executive Commercial Marketing Director at Avon.

Importantly, Direct Deliveries puts Avon’s digital offering on par with global pioneers in online shopping.

The benefits to both the Representative and the customer are clear:

Benefits to the Representative

  1. Less time spent on making deliveries
  2. More time to focus on their beauty business
  3. No need to remember and track all customer orders, these can now be seamlessly managed via My Avon Store
  4. Increased customer satisfaction from less effort

Benefits to the customer:

  1. Quicker deliveries resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  2. Ability to manage their own deliveries and returns (This is particularly useful when the customer is on holiday or wants their deliveries delivered to a different address)

“The Direct Deliveries capability is a huge step towards giving our Representative a competitive charge. Through this feature, exclusively available through the “My Avon Store” digital platform, customers can get their delivery via a courier to their door, while our Representative’s commission earnings are sent to their account, what a better way to deliver on our digital strategy”. concludes Momin.

Direct Deliveries can only be accessed via My Avon Store: https://my.avon.co.za/


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