Samsung Introduces Frame TV That Transforms into a Gallery-like Art Display

The Frame is not just another television, but a new experience of displays in the home, says Yves Behar, the renowned designer, who collaborated with Samsung to design the Frame.

Samsung’s  Frame, a new lifestyle product that transforms from a television into a gallery-like art display, will be available for purchase this Sunday, the Seoul-based company said in a statement.

Designed in collaboration with renowned designer Yves Behar, The Frame is designed not only to provide a premium entertainment experience, but also to enhance the look of any home, just like a piece of artwork that you would hang on your wall.

The Frame is available in two sizes: a 65-inch model, priced at R35833.23 ($2,799), and a 55-inch model, priced at R25591.50 ($1,999).

Optional bezels, including white, beige and walnut shades of real wood, for the 55-inch model are available for R2560.30 ($199.99).

Bezels for the 65-inch model are available for R3200.41 ($249.99) allowing for further customizable options that complement a range of living spaces and personal styles.

When you’re not watching TV, The Frame’s innovative Art Mode transforms the screen to display the owner’s choice of framed paintings and photographs.

To satisfy almost any artistic preference, consumers will be able to choose from 100 professional works to exhibit via the ‘Samsung Collection.’

As the standards for interior design shift, people want the look of their homes to reflect their broader lifestyle and personal tastes. Samsung is looking beyond the traditional black box and taking an artful approach to TV.


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