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Supa Quick Now Helps Clients Renew Licence Discs In Super Quick Time

A car fitment firm has introduced a new way for its customers to renew their vehicle licences while avoiding long queues and touts at...



Rise Of Precision Agriculture Exposes Food System To New Threats

Farmers are adopting precision agriculture, using data collected by GPS, satellite imagery, internet-connected sensors and other technologies to farm more efficiently. While these practices...


Audi SA’s Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle Chargers Are Live

Audi South Africa, in partnership with GridCars, has finalised the installation of 33 electric vehicles (EV) charging stations across the country. These represent a...
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IETSA and ThreeFold Partner to Expand the Decentralised Internet in South Africa and Offer Education in Blockchain and Web 3.0 

The Institute of Emerging Technologies of South Africa (IETSA) is partnering with ThreeFold to expand the ThreeFold decentralised Internet across South Africa and offer...

How An Honest Consulting Relationship And The Right Software Streamlined A Holding Company With 23 Subsidiaries In Africa

The Meridian Group unleashes operational efficiency through overhaul of processes and Corporate Planning software solution. Graeme Vaughan, Chief Information Officer at The Meridian Group, says...

The Power Of The Processor

Consumers these days are spoiled for choice and often do not know which make and model to buy among the vast range of computers...

Why LUNA Returned 14,700% In 2021

Bitcoin and Ethereum are now household names. Those who know little else about the crypto world still recognise the two largest cryptocurrencies. But there’s...

Why Diversified Bundles Are The Smart Way To Invest In Crypto

Given what we know now, we would have jumped at the chance to invest in internet companies like Amazon and Google back in the...


Auto Manufacturing Is Changing: How South Africa Can Adjust To Protect Workers And Jobs

Technological changes in industry have given rise to contending schools of thought about their impact on work and workers. Automation is rapidly deepening and...

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