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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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FNB: 3 000 New Businesses registrations Every Month

 South Africa’s banking group said on Wednesday that according to its business registration data, approximately 3 000 new businesses registrations were initiated every month...

BrandsEye Named Winner of Distinguished FNB Business Innovation Awards

A Cape Town-Based data mining company that accurately call both Brexit and Trump’s victory - proving that meaningful, predictive insights can be gained from...

South Africa’s Entrepreneurs Need to Go Digital to Survive

Several industries are adopting digital technologies to survive in the digital world, but one industry has lagged in that adaptation and that’s the small...

Why Partner with Tech Start-ups

by Staff Writer A Q&A with TFG CIO Brent Curry TFG ecommerce has partnered with several tech start-ups, including Wumdrop which enabled TFG to launch the...