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Monday, December 11, 2017
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“First” African Language Driven “chat-bot” Designed to Serve SMEs

US-founded FinTech innovator Ovamba Solutions has collaborated with tech giant Microsoft to develop and produce the “first” African language driven “chat-bot”.Ovamba said in a...

SA’s Nedbank Launches AI Chatbot NIC to Help Insurance Customers

Nedbank announced on Monday the introduction of The Nedbank Insurance Chatbot - or NIC as it is fast becoming known - to make it...

The Future of AI-powered Chatbots

by Ben DicksonSince their first appearance decades ago, chatbots have come a long way thanks to leaps in natural language processing and generation (NLP/NLG),...

Robots Will Be Our Partners Rather Than Our Overlords

by Anton van Heerden, MD and executive vice-president of Africa & Middle East at SageThis week (25 May) at BotCon in Cape Town, South...

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Retail Game

By David Cosgrave, Customer Intelligence Lead at SASThere are two kinds of people in the world: those who love shopping and those who would...
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