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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
communication equipment room with lighting in the data center

Local Data Centres: Crucial in the Fight Against Unemployment

By Mpumi Nhlapo, head of T-Systems South Africa’s IT Portfolio and Solution SalesSouth Africa’s sluggish economic growth continues to be roundly outpaced by our...
Concept about security of digital information such as internet, e-commerce, flights and mobile devices

Today is National Cybersecurity Awareness Day – or is it?

You shouldn't believe everything you see online. That’s the message from South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) this National Cybersecurity Day, 5 October...
Hand typing on modern laptop notebook computer with future graph icons and symbols

Is Another Tech Bubble Brewing?

by Gerrit Smit, head of equity management at Stonehage FlemingWith global technology stocks enjoying strong returns, the big question is whether another tech bubble...
Iphone 7 Plus jet black serie , Apple inc new smartphone

Taking Your Phone for Repair? You Need to do this First

Nearly one in five South Africans don’t have a password on their smartphone. With almost 9 million South Africans reportedly victims of cybercrime in...
Seesaw with a house on one side and stacks of coins on the other side.

How Proxi Smart, a Non-law Firm, Plans to Upend Conveyancing

A new kid on the block, Proxi Smart, has sent the South African legal fraternity into panic mode with a plan to snatch from...
Beautiful Asian girl tourist stands on a rock to photograph nature with a digital camera DSLR in the jungle on a high mountain. Holiday Travel Concept.

Digitisation of Nature Presents Huge Opportunities – and Some Risks

By Simon Carpenter, Chief Technology Advisor at SAP AfricaThe field of bio-engineering is not new, despite its recent prominence: humans have been domesticating and...
ICO, Initial Coin Offering. Digital electronic binary money financial concept. Bitcoin currency exchange on virtual screen interface.

Initial Coin Offerings are Disrupting how Startups are Funded – but what are they?

By David Glance, University of Western AustraliaA rapidly growing number of companies are taking advantage of cryptocurrencies to raise massive amounts of funding through...
Smart healthcare

How Analytics and Machine Learning can Save Your Life

By Aneshan Ramaloo, senior business solutions manager at SASMore than 11,000 people died during the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, or nearly 40%...
Doctor in telemedicine concept pressing button

Medicine Beyond Borders: Telemedicine in South Africa

By Vino Govender CM(SA), executive for product innovation and marketing at Dark Fibre AfricaTelemedicine, a term which literally means “healing at a distance”, speaks...
Need a lawyer?, Business Concept

Smart Contract 2.0:  The Need for “Smart Lawyers”

By Alexia Christie, a Partner in the TMT & IP Practice at Webber WentzelTechnology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. It is,...