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Friday, May 24, 2019

Flyp.me Implements Monero’s Sub-Addresses


Flyp.me, the leading crypto to crypto exchange without the need to register an account was first launched in 2017. The Flyp.me exchange has focused on privacy, simplicity and speed on a constant basis. It has a catalogue of more than 30 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Today, Flyp.me adds the latest implementations of monero’s sub-addresses. This constitutes another layer of privacy when it comes to observers trying to associate transfers from Monero to and from Flyp.me. Let’s go in depth.

Flyp.me was launched under the premise of respecting the transactional privacy of users and maintaining an exchange without accounts. Monero’s recently implemented sub-addresses allow the use of the exchange with fewer parameters to be introduced; significantly reducing the possible irreversible mistakes of an unskilled user. At the same time, the new compatibility implements an additional layer of “anonymity” to the transactions with Monero. Monero is characterized by offering one of the best privacy options in the market for transactions. However, some of the features had made adoption difficult for inexperienced users. At the same time, they offered a surveillance vector through Payment IDs.

The Monero’s active development community proposed change for the entire ecosystem

The Monero’s community proposed to remove support for sending independent payment ID transactions in the majority of the wallets by April 2019. It also proposed eliminating support for sending payment ID transactions (including integrated addresses) in the consensus layer by October 2019. Exchanges, payment processors and other services should be updated to support Monero’s sub-addresses as soon as possible. Therefore, Flyp.me announces its implementation offering all the advantages to the customers and the community.

This utility allows users to discard creating more than one wallet to receive funds in multiple directions without being linked. It also allows the user to corroborate transactions that enter their portfolio and associated sub-addresses. This can be used to verify if there are internal movements within their subaddress scheme without it being observable by third parties. The objective is clear: to ensure that any Monero’s wallets cannot be linked by observing transactions. This strengthens Flyp.me’s usage model by taking care of the transactional privacy of users who operate with Monero.

Monero leaves payment IDs offering a stronger privacy layer to services like Flyp.me

Removing the Payment ID makes it difficult to associate different transactions between two parties that usually operate together. At the same time, it also makes it difficult to mass associate multiple payments from multiple users made to the same recipient because the previous payment IDs are not included. The Flyp.me exchange was created with a solid set of values by a team working on Bitcoin since 2012. To date, it has fulfilled its promise to be the fastest, safest and most private way to exchange cryptocurrencies & tokens directly into the wallet.

The 2019 design went a step further by making the process of buying and selling crypto very easy. With the new implementation of Monero, a bottleneck in the adoption of cryptocurrencies is removed. It is true that Monero has been one of the cryptocurrencies with the most complicated process to use all its privacy features. The new implementation simplifies the use and adoption of the entire Monero’s network and its applications. However, it also simplifies the use of merchant platforms such as Flyp.me that promote the decentralization and application of privacy to services in a secure manner. The Monero’s community made clear their desire to move forward with their recommended timeline; and now, Flyp.me incorporates the implementation for decentralized Monero exchanges from wallet to wallet.

To date, Monero has been developed by the community; among them there are few “visible leaders”. Behind the scenes, however, it is a very active community with collaborators from all areas of the sector. The philosophy of privacy as a fundamental human right is the hallmark of Monero, and its group of seven main developers.

The essential of adoption is the necessity and ease-of-use

We have witnessed in recent years a slow and progressive growth of use cases for cryptocurrencies and tokens. Applications, uses and developments have diversified, including value storage, hundreds of services/utilities, and micropayments. However, developments that facilitate the inclusion of less specialized users have accelerated the process. Flyp.me offers a service as powerful as it is user-friendly. Management does not require knowledge in cryptography, programming or other specialities, offering a complete service of exchange without account or records.

In terms of adoption, Monero’s consensus step facilitates operations for all parties. Improving the experience of users and traders who use Flyp.me in their operations. Sometimes these parties want an extra layer of privacy compared to operating with bitcoin. Monero offers this layer and it is now both easier to use and harder to track.

Flyp.me web & Links:

Telegram – Flyp.me – https://t.me/flypme
Twitter – https://twitter.com/flyp_me
Facebook – https://facebook.com/flypme
Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/flypme
web – https://flyp.me/


Coinerium CONM Token Combines Fast Payments And Resistance To Volatility

Coinerium CONM Token Combines Fast Payments And Resistance To Volatility

Coinerium’s CONM Token Is The Proposal For Daily Payments And transactions

Occasionally it is said that Bitcoin is a form of value storage, a payment system or a global currency. In some ways, confusion or disagreement is caused by Bitcoin’s ability to perform all three functions. However, the high volatility of crypto currencies causes risk-averse traditional investors to discard them. Coinerium‘s main objective is to ensure that users can transfer funds on a daily basis via their CONM token without risk of loss and in a safe environment.

The CONM token is the token created by and for Coinerium’s objectives of transferring funds in a simple, decentralized and secure manner. For this purpose, the risks of loss due to volatility are eliminated by anchoring to the dollar. Therefore, each CONM is equivalent to $1 (U.S. Dollar). Today, stable tokens or stablecoins have made a dizzying comeback. After the launch and proven utility of Tether, the crypto space embraces the stablecoins. The advantages are remarkable when redeeming Bitcoins for Dollar or Euro the operations become slow and expensive; however, with the crypto stable tokens to trade with Bitcoin against Dollar or Euro has gained in ease, and speed.

Coinerium introduces a blockchain ecosystem to replace cash payments; through secure and virtually zero cost transactions in a secure environment. Next, we analyze the project that involves the CONM token in a decentralized ecosystem of payments via blockchain.

Ecosystem features around the CONM token

The Token format is an ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum network, compatible with the most popular and secure network portfolios such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto among others. Cold-storage purses compatible with the ERC-20 standard are also included. In terms of data privacy, today there are all kinds of tools for tracing financial and other data. With the right tool and a few clicks, anyone can easily predict our actions on the network, from the volume of our transactions to even estimating our approximate revenue or our most personal preferences.

The battle to guess the next product, asset, food or garment in trend is fought on the net. This is why users or businesses may not want their transactions to occur on a fully public or centralized platform. Total transparency can result in a breach of the right to privacy; some data is sensitive to being written down in chains of incorruptible and public blocks. In this respect, Coinerium has devised an ecosystem that respects the financial privacy of users, imitating the privacy offered by cash payments (physical exchanges of currency or notes). The centralization of private data becomes an attack vector for cyber-criminals; in addition to diluting trust, it can lead to misuse of third-party data.

Coinerium’s wallet is also available for mobile. In addition, connoisseurs of the blockchain industry, customer service support will be established. Administrators will have public accounts for easy location by users. Focused on the loyalty of new users by addressing problems, questions and incidents that users may have. The process is as simple as downloading the application and registering the telephone number.

Merchants and retailers will have a global, fast and stable payment system

In the Coinerium ecosystem traders are defined as companies that accept payments in CONM tokens in exchange for their products or services. Together with individual users, they are the backbone of decentralized communities. In this sense, market makers have their place secured in Coinerium after an initial approval. To develop Coinereum’s cashless community, a Software Development Kit (SDK) has been introduced. Any vendor who downloads and configures the SDK can accept payments in CONM tokens.

Merchants will have two main categories on the platform (Standard and Approved). Standard Merchants, which are merchants who use Coinerium only as a payment intermediary and will not charge your Coinerium. Approved Merchants are merchants who meet the necessary requirements. Requirements established by the foundation to be able to charge in any currency since the foundation, with a minimum limit of 1000 Coinerium. An average commission of 5% will be taken by the foundation.

Details and specifications on token distribution

The CONM token is part of the recent category of stable tokens (Stablecoins), it has been configured so that its value is anchored to the price of the U.S. currency. One detail that has caught our attention is the proportion of tokens available for the acquisition of investors, 70% of the total issue. This results in a low capitalization on the part of the founders decentralizing the distribution to the maximum. The minimum collection is set at $1,000,000, while the maximum is set at $5,000,000.

ICO Starts April 30 2019

As can be seen in the documentation, (70%) are tokens available for acquisition in the different stages (pre-sale and initial sale). As an ERC-20 token, investors must have a compatible address for the Ethereum network. The remaining 30% will be allocated to three groups formed by Advisors (advisors and/or commercial), Team and Rewards/Airdrops; each of them has been allocated 10% of the total respectively. For more detailed information on the initial sale and the conditions of participation, we recommend reviewing the technical document. (Whitepaper).

The total amount of Coinerium in circulation will be insured in a smart contract (150% guarantee deposit in Ethereum). As a result of recent money laundering concerns, individual users will not be able to collect through the foundation; they will be able to exchange the Coinerium CONM token on exchanges. As mentioned above, only selected and approved traders in the system will be allowed to convert their Coinerium into trust currency. If you would like to learn more about Coinerium you can visit the social networks or the website for more details and updates.

Coinerium Official introduction video

Coinerium Website & Official links

Web page – https://coinerium.io/

Whitepaper – https://coinerium.io/Whitepaper_V1_EN.pdf

Coinerium Dashboard – https://dashboard.coinerium.io

Telegram – https://t.me/coinerium

Medium – https://medium.com/@subscribes_13227

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/coinerium

Twitter – https://twitter.com/coineriumToken

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/coinerium/


Cell C Executive In Charge Of Benefits ‘Fired’

Dismissed. evrymmnt / Shutterstock.com

A Cell C executive who oversaw compensation and benefits at the mobile phone company has, according to insiders, been ‘fired’.

TechFinancials has reliably learned that Wayne Heard, Cell C’s executive for compensation and benefits, who started working for the company in February 2013, left last month.

Cell C did not respond to queries on the matter since yesterday.

However, Cell C has previously stated that they do not comment on reasons why executives leave the company, except for the CEO.

Wayne Heard
Wayne Heard. Image source: Linkedln

On Saturday impeccable sources at Cell C told TechFinancials that Heard was initially suspended just after compiling a “correct head count” of Cell C’s staff complement.

He was, thereafter, pushed to agree to take a mutual separation package that bars him from disclosing anything about Cell C, plus his reasons for departure, said insiders.

They told TechFinancials that the true Cell C’s staff complement remains “a guarded secret”.

Total figures of the workforce at Cell C don’t tally with the actual numbers. To this day, Cell C has failed to give out accurate staff numbers.

Heard’s LinkedIn profile confirms that he left the company last month, but attempts to reach him failed.

He joins a growing list of other executives, who left the company without any public explanation.

Cell C has already lost several top executives

These include Michelle Beetar, Cell C’s chief customer officer, who is leaving at the end of September 2019. She is regarded as a key manager in retaining and attracting customers at Cell C.

On 1 March 2019, Jose Dos Santos relinquish his position as the CEO of Cell C.

The company said Dos Santos will take up a role as a consultant offering strategic advice to the chairman of the Cell C board. In this new role, he will be involved in the delivery of Cell C’s strategic intent, which includes the reshaping of Cell C’s debt to ensure the company’s continued sustainability.

The company has also withdrawn its Miss South Africa sponsorship after five years as a major sponsor of the pageant, signaling deeper problems.

Last May, Cell C chief financial officer, Tyrone Soondarjee also announced his departure from the position he occupied since June 2017. He cited “personal circumstances” for his decision to leave Cell C. He will join his family’s business.

As the company at the time continued to face liquidity concerns, Cell C chief procurement and property officer, Sherhaad Kajee, and chief digital officer, Nihmal Marrie, also left the mobile phone operator.

Furthermore, the chief executive for content at Black, Cell C’s streaming service platform unit, also left the company less than two years in the role.

Surie Ramasaray, the CEO for content at Black, was responsible for the growth of the streaming service platform unit of Cell C.

“She negotiated an exit this month after she was technically demoted by Cell C,” a source told TechFinancials.

The mobile phone operator is currently facing strike action, which started this morning. For more read: Cell C To Seek An Urgent Court Interdict To Stopped Planned StrikeTo Stop Planned Strike

Cell C Strike
Cell C Strike

Cell C is the most positively discussed service provider on social media

Amid the raging discontent at the firm with workers on strike, Cell C which is seeking an interdict to stop the industrial action on Monday, claimed to be the most positively discussed service provider on social media, exceeding the industry average by 8.3%.

The company cited a report by BrandsEye that it also performed very well in terms of products, ethics and reputation.

“Customer service had a particularly positive and high impact on Cell C’s acquisition opportunities,” the report says.

According to the report, Cell C was shown to have the fastest response time on social media and the lowest share of unanswered complaints.

“Consumers had to wait 16 hours on average to receive a reply to their complaints on Twitter,” the report says. “Cell C took two hours to reply to Twitter complaints, making it the provider to respond to the most customers with the fastest reply-time.”

The report also assesses how effectively providers resolved consumer queries online by looking at Twitter data, isolating conversation threads where providers replied to consumers and consumers replied back. It noted that “Cell C had the lowest percentage of unhappy consumers following their interventions.” – lourie@techfinancials.co.za

ICASA And Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams Are ‘At War’

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams
Minister of Communications for South Africa, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams

The country’s communications watchdog and Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams are at loggerheads.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has threatened to take Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams to court if she doesn’t pay up, according to a City Press report.

The City Press report states that the regulator is threatening legal action unless her department pays R450 million by 11 am on Monday.

The failure to pay the millions will impact ICASA negatively resulting in the regulator being unable to pay salaries and service providers.

City Press stated that the minister is “withholding (ICASA’s) funding by refusing to approve its annual performance plan (APP)”.

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is being accused of “meddling in the independent authority’s work”.

At the centre of the meddling, according to the newspaper is the pending sale and issuing of licenses for the 5G cellular network.

For more read in the City Press: Minster Accused of Meddling In ICASA

Government, ICT stakeholders talk spectrum licensing

Earlier this month, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams and her Deputy, Pinky Kekana met with captains of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, to finalise consultations on their interpretation of the spectrum licensing process as defined by the law.

The meeting follows on the written submissions previously made by the sector on the matter.

Licensing of the high-demand spectrum is deemed necessary to lessen resource constraints experienced by incumbent mobile operators, enable the transformation of a historically vertically integrated market, level the playing field and enable new entrants into the market.

Further, it will contribute to reducing the cost to communicate and drive universal services and access.

Addressing the meeting, Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams said while stakeholders might not agree on all aspects as contained in the Electronic Communications Act (ECA), they must strive to find a consensus that ensures that high demand spectrum is eventually licensed.

“Since the advent of mobile broadband, the spectrum has turned out to be both a competitive and an anti-competitive tool for incumbent network operators and a barrier to entry for new entrants.

“Some spectrum lies un-utilised or underutilised in time or space and we would like to change that by making sure that spectrum is effectively and efficiently licensed in order to address not only revenue generation but to also ensure inclusive participation,” Ndabeni-Abrahams said.

The meeting agreed that the spectrum policy directive and licencing processes must be swiftly finalised as they will propel the industry forward as well as enable effective delivery of the Fourth Industrial Revolution imperatives that require wireless networks as connectivity enablers.

SA’s Comedian Riaad Moosa’s Show Premiers On Vodacom Video Play

Laugh without limits with Riaad Moosa on Video Play
Laugh without limits with Riaad Moosa on Video Play

Vodacom’s video-on-demand service, Video Play, announced today that Riaad Moosa’s comedy special, Life Begins, will be its first major local title to be released on the platform.

The side-splittingly funny one-man show will be available for download on the platform from Friday, 26 April 2019.

As an award-winning comedian, actor, writer and presenter, Riaad Moosa is one of South Africa’s most renowned funny men. So, as a leading video-on-demand provider of unsurpassed high-quality content, Video Play is proud to feature the top entertainment value of Moosa’s international-quality comedy series.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this!  The title of my show ‘Life Begins’ is about having the psychological mindset of starting new things in my 40’s.  So being the FIRST local title on Video Play fits in perfectly with that theme.  And I’m sure that there will be many more great titles to come,” said Riaad.

Vodacom’s video-on-demand service, Video Play has had an incredible uptake since its launch in August 2018, with over 2-million subscribers. But with a proliferation of affordable video-on-demand platforms available to the South African market, what is it that gives Video Play the competitive edge? 

Recognising the consumer’s need for flexibility and freedom of choice, Vodacom has ingeniously developed an adaptable subscription model that puts the power in consumers’ hands. Forget being tied down to a monthly subscription. Video Play gives consumers the liberty of choosing a daily, weekend or even monthly package. Blockbuster movies can even be viewed for a once-off cost, without a subscription. Furthermore, these bundles can be purchased according to niche categories and genres, from Bollywood movies to gospel music.

Consumers are able to pay for movies and series by using their airtime or adding it to their bill, eliminating the need for a credit card. Subscribers are even able to purchase video-specific data at a fraction of the price to consume constant content without overspending. With daily subscription starting from R5 a day, instant entertainment has never been more affordable.

Zunaid Mahomed, Group Digital and Fixed Services Officer, says: “Vodacom’s affordable video-on-demand service, Video Play, has enabled the company to provide a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. With the addition of Riaad Moosa’s Life Begins, we’re excited to offer consumers even more quality content and a wider variety of entertainment on demand than ever before. We’re putting quality entertainment, into the hands of anyone with a mobile device and an internet connection.”

To access Riaad Moosa’s Life Begins comedy special, and other great entertainment, you register via the Video Play website (www.videoplay.co.za).  Video Play is only available through Vodacom.