Telecommunications provider Telkom says the R5.9 billion it had pledged during the last South African Investment Conference (SAIC) will contribute towards enhancing connectivity, especially as the country prepares for the national general elections this year.

The company is deploying 4G and 5G network infrastructure nationally.

At the fifth South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) which was held in April 2023, Telkom announced that it would be investing R5.97 billion in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure development across South Africa.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company said it wants to develop and enable solutions that enrich customers’ lives and enable growth in enterprises and small businesses.

Company CEO, Serame Taukobong, believes the investment contributes to South Africa’s economic development, productivity, and job creation.

He added that Telkom, which is a leading information and communications technology services provider, saw it fit to heed the President’s call for investment into the economy.

Government directly holds a 40.5% shareholding in Telkom with a further 15.3% shareholding through the Public Investment Corporation.

He said a remarkable partnership of national importance exists between Telkom and the Electoral Commission (IEC).

“Together the two have successfully executed six national general elections and five local government and municipal elections since 1994.  Telkom is again ready to deliver national digital connectivity to support the IEC’s crucial role in our democratic process.  Our country’s prospects depend on it.

He said digitalisation is a key cog in South Africa’s economic development.

“Our infrastructure forms the backbone of the South African economy, underpinning essential service providers like banks, retailers and the mobile sector.

“Our role is to connect more businesses – big and small – as well as more schools, more homes, and more individuals. Some of our key goals include accelerating mobile growth, driving high speed broadband adoption, expansion of the network, and connecting South Africans to a better life,” he added. –

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