MTN South Africa has been successfully deploying its 5G private network communications solution within the mining sector and today it announces its drive to deploy the solution amongst a larger variety of industries.   

This development promises to usher in a new era of growth, innovation, and operational efficiency, needed to drive further industrialisation beneficial for South Africa’s much-needed economic growth.

By incorporating high-performance 5G wireless communication, regardless of location, factory size, or public network challenges, MTN’s innovative private networks will redefine industries, empowering even remote areas to thrive.

 “Our 5G private network gives you control of your connectivity, by providing predictable latencies, high device density support and scalability all delivered securely. Through liberating industries by enabling them to deploy industry-specific use cases, not previously possible, our solution will unleash the full potential of industry, fostering innovation and driving profitability”, says Vaughn Naidoo, Acting Executive for ICT Centre of Excellence at MTN SA. 

MTN’s solution aims to empower industries with dedicated equipment and configurations for their networks, ensuring predictable and secure network services. The flexibility of these network installations allows them to be set up on-site within an enterprise’s premises or in specified geographical areas, providing a dedicated and isolated network environment.

Vaughn Naidoo

“The result is a dependable private network with ultra-reliable low latency communication (uRLLC) and high-speed capabilities. The major benefits of low latency include real-time responsiveness, enhancing needs involving IoT, industrial automation, virtual reality, and augmented reality,” adds Naidoo.  

“At MTN SA we’re committed to empowering industries with cutting-edge solutions, and the further deployment of 5G private networks across more industries represents another significant step towards a digitally connected future. They open a world of possibilities for enterprises and public sector entities seeking advanced connectivity solutions to support their activities, more security, the usage of IoT devices to unlock their potential and gain a competitive edge”, says Naidoo.  

“A cost-benefit analysis will confirm that in the medium to long term, the operational advantages, security, and ability to deploy new technologies will outweigh investment costs,” concludes Naidoo. 

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