Axiz today kicked off its SME Connect-to-Connect programme at the Copperleaf Golf Estate in Centurion.

With this programme, Axiz is providing a platform for SMEs in the ICT space to share and showcase their capabilities and experiences with leading vendors in the sector.

“As the custodian of a superior technology-distribution network, we know that the value of a network increases exponentially with each new node,” says Craig Brunsden, CEO of Axiz.

“By reappropriating Metcalfe’s principle for the network between SMEs and vendors, our belief is that connecting more stakeholders through our relationships and through our business and industry network, it will expand opportunities and increase value exponentially to us all.”

Estimates from the World Bank 1 indicate that SMEs account for 90% of all businesses worldwide and for 50% of employment. Formal SMEs contribute up to 40% of GDP in emerging markets and provide 70% of jobs.

A local report by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2 indicates that SMEs make up more than 90% of all formal business in the country, employ 50–60% of the workforce and contribute 34% of GDP.

“It’s evident from these indicators that, if we want to make a positive and sustainable impact on the challenges of unemployment and on the muted economic growth and quality of life in South Africa, we have to focus on growing, nurturing, and supporting our SMEs” says Andrew Moodley, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Axiz.

Access to customers, finance, skills, and effective business marketing and positioning are some of the critical challenges that SMMEs face. The Axiz SME Connect-to-Connect (SME C2C) programme will focus on lowering these scale barriers for SMEs.

“Collaboration and teamwork are critical success factors in delivering competitive, innovative, and winning propositions for our partners and their customers. The Axiz SME C2C program provides a platform for SME collaboration, innovation, and enablement. These engagements are mutually beneficial to SMEs sustainable business growth and market share objectives – and also, to Axiz,” Nhlanhla Khoza, Sales Unit Manager for SMEs at Axiz, concludes.

Whether a business focuses on reselling technology, solutions development, or systems integration and implementation, the Axiz SME C2C Program invites SMEs to register to participate in future events.

As the leading technology distributor in Africa, with a presence in over 15 countries, Axiz applies its insight and more than three decades of industry know-how to bring vendors and partners together and to drive business growth.

Axiz provides technology intelligence to its business partners to drive the introduction of new and advanced technologies to the market.

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