With December in full swing in sunny South Africa, the excitement for a well-deserved break and the first lockdown-free festive and holiday season has many South Africans buzzing with delight and joy.

As always, the merriment of the silly season’s endless celebrations and reunions comes with the generosity of gifting loved ones with presents to express gratitude, reaffirm connection, inspire and uplift their spirits.

The common predicament, every year, is finding and buying gifts that will best express the emotion felt by the buyer.

“This is because there’s a special message that one wants to convey when purchasing a gift for a loved one,” says Lukasz Kowalczyk, Avon Justine Head of Omnichannel Brand Experience, South Africa.

“And, because a gift can speak a thousand words of gratitude, care or love, picking the right gift from many options can be very daunting.”

According to Kowalczyk, personal care, cosmetics, fragrance and beauty accessories will never miss the mark to land the desired message in the heart of the recipient.

Whether it’s the spark in the makeup that lights up the face with joy, personal care and cosmetic treats that restore and revitalize the skin, the attention-grabbing scent that boosts one’s confidence or the accentuating effect of accessories on an outfit or image, a gift of beauty will always resonate with the person receiving it.

“If you’ll be shopping in December without a predetermined list, chances are that it will be a last minute rushed experience which may compromise the intent and quality of the gift,” adds Kowalczyk.

“To declutter and remove the indecisiveness on choosing the most suitable gift for your loved one, shoppers can start with the Avon Gift Guide tool which will help them choose the best gift possible.”

The Avon Gift Guide is available on https://my.avon.co.za/gifting-guide and suggests the most suitable gifts based on answers provided about your available budget and the personality of the person you’re buying for.

Avon’s last-minute gifting guide

The suggested gifts can be conveniently bought immediately online with free delivery nationwide for orders over R600.

“Customers can choose from our timeless classics such as Far Away, Black Suede, Eve or Aspire fragrance sets. Our at-home spa pampering treats are fit for any king or queen; pair these with our fragranced candles and diffusers to create ambience and luxury in the comfort of home. For the fierce fashion and decor experts — we’ve got you covered with our range of Fashion and Home gift sets,” adds Kowalczyk.

Orders must be placed on or before 20 December ‘22 to make it on time for delivery before the 25th of December.

If customers purchase directly from Avon’s website or from their Independent Avon Representative’s e-store, they can expect their orders to be delivered within 48 hours of confirmation to their doorstep.

Whenever an Avon Independent Representative has activated an e-store, their customers have access to it and may buy directly from it. This ensures that earnings from purchases are not paid to any other Representative than the one you are familiar with.

“People #ChooseAvon for personalised gifts at irresistible value,” Kowalczyk notes.

“Our beauty brands are of the highest quality but offered at a fraction of the price as part of our commitment to democratising beauty. As South Africa’s coolest makeup brand for the past 12 years in a row, we continue to empower our Representatives with income earning opportunities from direct selling and online sales. For this festive season, Avon is your one-stop destination to shop gifts for all the special people in your life, whether you’re celebrating with your family or celebrating a friendsmas.”

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