A car fitment firm has introduced a new way for its customers to renew their vehicle licences while avoiding long queues and touts at licencing centres by simply using a WhatsApp number while visiting any of its stores.

Fitment centre group Supa Quick on Wednesday said it has partnered with Disky – an online platform – to make it “convenient and quick for motorists to renew their vehicle licenses using WhatsApp at any of the 190 Supa Quick stores across South Africa”.

Adeshni Sewbaran, franchise director at Supa Quick said: “We are all pressed for time, and no one likes to stand in notoriously long, slow-moving queues in crowded venues at the licensing department or post office.

“We wanted to find a way to make this process easier for our customers and Disky was the obvious choice.”

To renew your vehicle license, you can simply visit the Supa Quick store of your choice and scan the Disky QR code and press ‘send.’

You will receive a WhatsApp message and, by following the user-friendly prompts, you can then make the payment and collect your license disk within five to ten working days from the store.

The process takes just a few minutes and a service fee will be charged. All types of vehicle licenses can be renewed, including those for motorcycles, cars, trailers and caravans.

“Many people delay renewing their vehicle license simply because it’s inconvenient or takes too long,” said Sewbaran.

“We are encouraging customers to take advantage of this value-added offering and make sure they comply with the law. Anyone can apply for renewal on your behalf, and you can complete the process in-store or in the comfort of your own home.”

Sewbaran added that the service is another way for Supa Quick to differentiate itself in the fitment sector.

“Our franchisees are incredibly supportive of the partnership as it offers benefits for them too,” said Sewbaran.

“The [Covid-19] pandemic has taught us all about the importance of partnerships for growth.

“In this instance, two different forces have joined together to offer a great service to customers, while giving our store owners the opportunity to boost customer loyalty, benefit from referrals, build their customer base and upsell to people who visit our stores.”

To find out more about where you can take advantage of this quick, safe, secure, and convenient digital solution, visit www.supaquick.com.

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