Black Friday madness is once again upon us. But rather than spending all day hitting refresh on your favourite online shopping site, you’re here, reading this article. That was a good decision. In this article, we’re going to help you to continue making good decisions, despite the barrage of “special offers” that will be levelled at you between today and Cyber Monday.

If the media buildup to Black Friday has left you convinced that an 8k TV large enough to be visible to small aircraft is going to change your life, you’re not alone. Retailers will be employing every trick in the book to make you feel like Black Friday offers truly are once in a lifetime opportunities.

The fact is, it’s likely that the Black Friday noise has drawn your attention away from what really matters, investing, not spending.

After unprecedented growth in the final quarter of 2021, this week, the crypto market experienced a pullback. Bitcoin, for example, is nearly 7% cheaper than it was just 7 days ago. With analysts expecting its price to climb back over $60 000 soon (more on that later) in 2021, the ultimate Black Friday deals are on cryptocurrencies.

How much could an investment really change my life?

For many, building an investment portfolio still feels like something that only finance experts can and should do. The dirty secret that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know, though, is that that simply isn’t true.

The idea that you need a lot of money to start investing is a tragic misconception. Even small changes in your financial habits can have life-altering effects. Let’s look at the impact that just a single decision to invest rather than to spend can have.

We’ve all told ourselves that owning the latest smartphone would improve our lives, or at least our social status at some point or another.

Let’s say you took the plunge and bought a shiny new iPhone 8 in 2017, which would have cost R19 990 at the time. That phone’s resale value is roughly R6 499 today, and that’s if you’ve somehow managed to keep it in perfect condition. 

Total impact on your wealth: -67.5%

If you chose to buy a Bitcoin in 2017, which was worth only R12 000 at the time, that investment would now be worth nearly a million Rand.

Total impact on your wealth: +7 733%


If you bought Bitcoin with the R19 999 that you would have spent on a new iPhone 8 in 2017, you’d be able to buy 92 new iPhone 13s today.

Has anything you bought 3 years ago increased in value by more than 7 000%? 

Last Black Friday, What did you buy?

While this might be a painful experience, ask yourself what the items you bought last Black Friday are worth today.

The graphic above shows the returns of several cryptocurrencies since last Black Friday. One thing is clear; regardless of which cryptocurrency you picked, you’d be better off today than if you fell for even the most attractive Black Friday special.

Can I really buy into crypto at a discount?

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely starting to take this whole crypto investing on Black Friday thing seriously. So let’s take a look at the deals to be had on the crypto market this Black Friday.

The graphic above shows the discounts at which some of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market are currently available at. To be clear, by “discounted”, we mean how much the price of these cryptocurrencies has decreased over the last few weeks.

Cardano is leading the way with around a -28% loss in value, but even if you don’t know enough to pick an individual cryptocurrency and just want exposure to the market, you could get exposure to the Revix Top10 bundle at a price of -14.50% less than you would have paid just a few weeks ago. 

How do I know my investment will pay off?

While no investment is without risk, the treasure trove of information that our data-driven world has to offer has made investing in volatile assets far less intimidating than it once was. Provided that you focus on a long-term investment strategy.

While there are numerous valuable metrics, graphs and indicators available to long-term investors, one of the most popular is called a log graph.

The log graph makes it much easier to understand and contextualise price movements over an extended timeframe. Explaining logarithmic graphs is outside the scope of this article, but this video explains the concept nicely.

Log graphs also make it significantly easier to spot patterns in an asset’s price movements, which happens to be super handy in suggesting where Bitcoin’s price is likely to go from here.

Looking at Bitcoin’s logarithmic chart in a timeframe between 2012 and 2022 reveals a pattern that you don’t need to be a financial analyst to spot. If Bitcoin’s price follows the same pattern it has since 2012, we’re only halfway to the upper end of the growth chart, which sits over $100 000. We’ll let you do the maths on what that would mean for your Black Friday investment.

Revix’s Black November offers 

We’ve reached the end of the article, and by now, even the most resolute of Black Friday spenders must be having second thoughts about spending an entire paycheck on a dishwasher. There couldn’t possibly be any more reasons to make this Black Friday the day you choose to invest over spending… or could there?

Revix, a Cape Town-based crypto investment platform, is taking its mission to help spenders become investors this Black November very seriously. Not only do Revix investors get 100% off all buy-in fees until the end of the month, they also stand a chance to win the value of their investment back daily (up to the value of R5 000). What’s more, Revix is running its very own scream-worthy promotions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

On Cyber Monday, Revix will give away R10 000 to one lucky investor who makes a new investment on the day. No, that’s not all. Revix rewards will also be supercharged for Cyber Monday. Make crypto investing more accessible to a friend by referring them to Revix and get 250 Revix Rewards Points. Once that friend creates an account and makes a new investment of R1 000 or more, they’ll receive an instant R500 reward, deposited directly into their Revix account.

Let’s make this Black November the month you secure a brighter financial future. Get your crypto portfolio going with as little as R500 at


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