In recent years, companies with a large fleet of vehicles have developed different IT systems to facilitate communication and vehicle tracking. Today we will explain how they work and the contributions they bring to the industry.

In order to monitor the status, route and safety of freight transport more effectively, a set of technological tools has been developed that is capable of collecting and transmitting information in real time: telematics. It has the capacity to process indicators that are very useful to visualise the performance of vehicles and carriers, and thus to make adjustments and optimise their performance in a precise and reliable manner.

Telematics is a discipline that makes intensive use of wireless transmission technologies, such as mobile and satellite networks. These allow companies to be constantly informed about the position of vehicles, maintenance of engine and other devices, start and end times of journeys, fuel levels, driver behaviour, speeding and unauthorised use. All this data is automatically hosted in the cloud, or also on each organisation’s own servers, and provides numerous benefits to improve the operation and productivity of the task. Not only does it simplify communication with operators and keep them up to date on the status of routes, but it also shortens times and significantly reduces costs. In part, the latter factor is because it enables the detection of theft and, consequently, the feasible recovery of lost loads.

With respect to the hardware used, there are different GPS models that are custom-configured and easy to apply. One of the most recognised is OBD2, which is installed in a very practical way in the vehicle and transfers all the aforementioned information with absolute instantaneity and efficiency. Different alarms can be programmed according to the requirements of each company, which will be activated as a notification to whoever is tracking a vehicle. OBD2 not only ensures peace of mind and confidence for supervisors, but is also available at a very affordable price and with an extensive warranty on websites such as Tracking Box who offer GPS Tracker.

There is no doubt that telematics is a technology that has overcome great barriers in day-to-day business, and still promises much more. The possibilities it affords favour both the employer and the operators, and exponentially increases the productivity of the service.


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