The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for the scrapping of license booking system to make more renewal slots available to motorists in the country.

The DA in Gauteng said it was concerned that motorists would not be able to renew their licenses before they expire, turning them into criminals, potentially affecting

Motorists in Gauteng are anxious that their licenses will expire by the end of August and that they will be driving illegally because they cannot get online booking slots to renew their licences. Many motorists require valid licenses to retain their jobs. Should they be unable to renew their licenses, they may find themselves in the unemployment line.

“I am therefore calling on the MEC for Roads and Transport, Jacob Mamabolo, to provisionally scrap the online booking system and allow for all motorists who face expiring licenses to utilise driver license testing centres on a walk-in basis,” said Fred Nel MPL – DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

The DA believes that the lack of license renewal slots lies with the online booking system and that motorists can be assisted daily if walk-ins are allowed at driver license testing centres.

“We believe that not all slots are made available on the online booking system severely limiting the capacity of licensing centres to assist the optimal number of motorists on a daily basis,” said Nel.

Scrapping the booking system will free up slots booked by no-shows and slots that corrupt officials sell to motorists.

“Once the capacity of licensing centres has been expanded and once a quality assured online booking system is guaranteed, only then can the online booking system be reintroduced. The current system is simply just not working and must be scrapped until a proper system can be designed,” he said.

“The main priority now should be to assist as many motorists as possible to renew their licenses to ensure they can operate their licenses legally and retain their jobs where they are dependent on their licenses to operate a vehicle as part of their employment. The DA will continue to fight to ensure that law-abiding citizens aren’t turned into criminals by an inefficient government system.”



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  1. It is simple maths if you take the staff that can assist with renewals to how many per hour by how many hours a day to the amount of days in a week. It is obvious that they are selling the slots before they are loaded onto the Enatis system. The amount of slots that are made available to the general public isnt even a days bookings. The system freezes or you get thrown off the site completely when slots are loaded. But then again motorists are also to blame they have had 8 months to renew their licences and have only woken up now and it is also over loading the system

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