It doesn’t matter if you own food, cloth, or a service based business; you will need tech tools. Now that things have majorly shifted to the online medium, there is no getting away without using these tools. Also, these tools will help you manage your business related task efficiently.

These are some of the essential tools every startup will require

1.      A Laptop

You will need this device to keep logs of your company accounts, stock, orders and help you communicate with your clients. It will be the most crucial thing of your whole setup. Hence ensure that the device you choose is reliable, has enough data speed, and is portable. This device will require quite a bit of budget; however, this expenditure will go a long way.

2.      Receipt generator

If you are sending your parcels via mail services, then you need to add a receipt with the package. The receipt maker will contain all information about the customer’s payment, making things on both ends transparent. This transparency will also help you gain the customer’s confidence. The seller information on the receipt will also act as a marketing tool. Getting a receipt generator won’t cost you much, but it will surely help you gain loyal customers.

3.      Note (making) applications

When you start your business operations, you will realize that things are not as easy at all! You will have to at least 10-12 tasks in one day. To keep things on track, you will need a note making application. Even if you don’t forget doing something now, you will start to – the stress of setting up a new business is real.

4.      Social media management

Social media is a weapon that will help you catch the attention of customers worldwide—there are multiple apps where you can advertise your product. However, to manage them, you will need social media management tools. Using this, you can also warrant that the money you spend on social media advertising is used up to its full potential.

Social Media management. Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash

5.      Account management software

When you invest money and start a business, your goal is to make money. That will happen, but only if you keep track of your money’s in-flow and out-flow. An account management software will help you do that. It will track every dollar and every penny invested in your business.

6.      Customer service tools

Every customer who chooses to buy your service or product should be treated with the utmost respect. You have to listen to their questions and answer them no matter what you think. You have to be calm and take every feedback given to you into consideration. Customer service tools can help you do these tasks efficiently.

7.      Time tracker app

If you have employees who work by the hour, this app will help you make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

As you grow your business, you can add on more tech tools, but the above mentioned are the most basic ones, and you won’t be able to operate without having access to these tools. For more detail visit invoicy


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