The global mobile gambling industry was worth $100 billion in 2018 and the graph only went uphill since. Technology played a key part in boosting development within the niche and the modern iGaming landscape emphasizes delivering mobile-friendly interfaces and experiences to the users.

Adapting to the evolving needs of the market is the only way forward for any industry and online gambling is no different. Easy access and the subsequent heightened use of smartphones, coupled with the internet’s market penetration, and relaxed regulations have been driving growth for a major part of the last decade.

The Impact of Technology on Online Gambling

The advent of technology changed the face of businesses from shopping to restaurants. A business without a digital footprint is somewhat rare today and the same applies to gambling. In the same sense, there has been a rise of ethereum gambling sites, which are getting more and more dominant day by day.

While the popularity of mobile gaming increased by 75% during the last decade, the projected growth was almost 84% between 2013 and 2015.

iGaming became popular during this period with demand doubling in 2014 alone. The online gambling industry shot past the $100 billion in wagers mark in 2018, boasting over 164 million registered users on mobile platforms alone. The mobile gambling niche is expected to exceed the 45% mark within the next couple of years, and the growth proves the vitality of mobile betting for the business.

With COVID-19 lockdown norms, physical casinos and betting shops remained shut to curb the spread of the virus. People found respite in online gambling, and although things have started looking up for land-based casinos, the demand for iGaming has caught on with veteran gamers and newbies alike.

According to a survey conducted by the H2 Gambling Capital, the mobile gambling industry is expected to rise by 9.6% within 2021 to an aggregate of £48.1 billion. Europe is currently the world’s largest market, contributing to over half the global revenue, the North American market is a close second.

Notable Quirks and Features of Mobile Gambling

Convenience is perhaps the greatest benefit of mobile betting. And the operators are now rooting for sophisticated casino experience right at the fingertips. From virtual poker and card games to video slots, modern mobile casinos are perfectly adapted for the new environment. With wireless connections marking their presence even in the remotest corners of the world, the demand for digital entertainment is at an all-time high.

The increasing demand for mobile gambling has forced bookmakers to move online. Players can now use the same space for iGaming and for all their social media activities. Since mobile gambling is more accessible than from the desktop, players tend to wager a lot more. According to an independent survey, mobile gamblers are more likely to convert into paying customers than their counterparts playing on the PC.

Mobile gambling is currently at a mature stage and its adaptation has extended throughout the iGaming world. The future looks promising considering the steady progress made in the past couple of decades and the trend is likely to continue well into the future.

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