The Rise of Takeaway Apps

The only real downside of a takeaway business having its own app is that people may not be bothered to download it.

Food. Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

How do you usually order a takeaway? Do you prefer the old-fashioned method of calling the takeaway up? Or do you order from a delivery marketplace online

As technology continues to develop and become more available to all, some takeaways are now introducing a new ordering option for their customers: in-app ordering. 

App building made simpler

The reason why so many small businesses are able to benefit from in-house apps nowadays is because of the simplification of the app creating process. Using an app builder for takeaways, these businesses can create their own apps with no coding or development experience whatsoever. 

DIY app builders work by allowing users to select a template that suits their development needs, then use drag and drop functioning to customize the template to make it their own. These platforms often allow businesses to create their apps for free, then charge a low monthly cost to keep the app up and running. This means that takeaway businesses can manage and maintain their apps without having to pay hundreds of thousands for an outsourced software development team

Why takeaway apps are a smart idea

Most of us have our favorite local takeaway. When the time comes to treat ourselves, we say we’ll try something new, only to return to what we know will guarantee delicious food. If you order from your favorite takeaway on a weekly or monthly basis, it makes sense to download the takeaway’s ordering app. 

Many takeaway ordering apps do much more than letting you conveniently order and pay for your food online. They also reward customer loyalty, so if you’re keen to keep making repeat orders, the app will provide a discount or free food item after you’ve spent so much money. 

From a business perspective, this is a really smart idea. We all love an incentive, and if you know you’ll get a free meal after so many orders, you’re much more likely to keep ordering until you get to that point. 

Downloading the app is the hard part

The only real downside of a takeaway business having its own app is that people may not be bothered to download it. The majority of us only have a selection of the most “useful” apps on our phones, and for some people, a takeaway app just might not qualify – especially if they have only ordered once or twice from a particular restaurant. 

With that said, the slight annoyance of having to download an app saves so much time and hassle in the future that it’s certainly worth doing. Being able to use your local takeaway’s app means you can access your orders and make new orders directly from your home screen. You’ll also receive push notifications if you’ve opted for delivery and you’re keen to know how far away your food is. 

Ultimately, in-house takeaway apps are looking very likely to change the face of the food ordering industry. They might be a relatively novel idea right now, but watch this space – they probably won’t be for long.


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