For the new generation of sports fans, there is every reason and everything to smile about. New technological developments have brought about new ways of enjoying your favourite sport. From live online streaming to eSports, there is a variety of new inventions that have brought sports following to a whole new level. Sports betting apps came after the introduction of Smartphones, and what followed has been quite remarkable.

We highlight the 7 best sports news apps that fans of English Premier League betting with Betway use to keep up with events going on in the sports world.
#1. ESPN
ESPN is one of the biggest names in the sports industry, providing exclusive coverage for a
variety of sporting events across the world. It also comes with an upgraded streaming service which can be accessed upon a monthly subscription of $4.99.
#2. Google Search
If you’re looking for an easy-to-use app that allows you to track specific sporting events and teams, Google search is your go-to tool. It brings constantly updated content on all the sports taking place in different parts of the world, making it the ideal partner for Betway punters.
#3. TheScore
Betting fans who use Betway live betting option like to stay ahead with all the news and
information as it unfolds. TheScore is the ultimate hub for both updated sports news and live scores, covering a wide array of sporting disciplines including all the top European leagues.
#4. SofaScore
The ideal sports news app for sports fans is one that brings a comprehensive coverage of all sporting events as they happen. That is what you get with SofaScore. In addition, it is easy-to-use and easy to find all the news you are looking for.
#5. Yahoo Sports
Initially, yahoo Sport appeared like a sports news hub developed exclusively for American
football. The new app is unbeatable when it comes to live coverage of different sporting events, news of all the happenings around the world of sport, and open blogs for opinionated sports fans.
#6. Sling TV
You won’t find many apps where you can watch your favourite sports live. For the sports fan who does not want to miss the action on-the-go, Sling TV is the ultimate solution. Besides being able to catch the action live from your phone, the app also lets you get all the latest sports news through a variety of dedicated channels. Some of the channels, however, are only accessible through a paid subscription.
#7. Thuuz Sports

In sports, it takes more than knowing the outcome of events. You’ll need to find an app that provides reliable schedules for events about to happen. Thuuz could be one of the most underrated apps among sports fans, but if you are into betting with Betway, this could be the app you need to have.

Whether you are using an Android or iOS powered mobile device, there are plenty of options for you. Simply check out for the one app that gives you exactly what you’re looking for as a fan, but ensures that you only download verified apps.


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