We are in the day and age where it is possible to do almost anything while sitting on the sofa in our pyjamas, leaving us with no reasons to leave our homes. Anything can be delivered to your door. You can communicate through hundreds of different platforms. Technology has allowed us to work from the comfort of our homes. It is really possible that everything can be done by the simple click of a button.

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Television is not a new source of entertainment and has always been enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, but nowadays, even the release of a brand-new blockbuster hasn’t got people out the house. The internet has made it easy to download and pirate films simply days after their release.

Sports is one of the biggest sources of entertainment around the world and betting has always been a huge part of being a fan and the internet hasn’t missed the opportunity to ensure we can do it from home. Online betting is rapidly a rapidly increasing industry with sites offering deals (tips for over 2.5 goals), guides to smart betting and insight for upcoming games, to name a few. These sites allow you to make more educated decisions, cash out and bet at anytime, anywhere.


The internet is full of food websites and apps that deliver almost any food you crave at any time of the day, what more could you want?

From pizza to a roast dinner, they can be at your door in a time span of 10 minutes to an hour and all you need to do is answer the door when the delivery driver rings the doorbell. It is estimated that the UK has spent over £650 millions in 2019 for deliveries and business is getting in on the action, with almost all restaurants and fast food companies offering methods of having food brought to your door. You don’t even have to pick up the phone, there are apps allowing you to browse, choose, pay and order all in one place.


Online schools have been set up to allow individuals to study and complete courses without having to physically attend school or college. This allows people to achieve qualifications while handling a busy schedule or those unable to leave the house.


Online health sites have been created by the NHS and other health companies to provide information to people who do not want to or are unable to visit a doctor. Along with these sites, there are businesses available to deliver medication to your door and ensure you keep up to date with your prescriptions, ideal for older people or busy working individuals who may not have the time to collect them.

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