Most people think that Vegas is a city full of immoral activities, and kids should not visit it. More so, they think that Vegas activities are for adults only. But that is not the case. Vegas is also a city for the whole family to visit and enjoy fun shows and activities together.

In this article, four kid-friendly shows that the whole family can enjoy are outlined. The selection is well articulated to ensure the whole family will have a memorable experience in Vegas. Brace up as you get to learn about the shows where your joy will be unmatched.


They are best known as the award-winning dancing crew of America’s Best Dance Crew. They started performing in Las Vegas on May 7th, 2010. They hold their performance at the Jabbawockeez Theater, MGM Grand.

According to Mike Tan from the OnlineCasinoGems, “technology is profoundly redefining the gaming experience. However, there is more than just gaming in the casinos; you can have much fun in Vegas with your family too!”

They were the very first dancers to perform in Vegas. With masked faces, they dance their hearts out to entertain you, especially during the cold seasons.

 This world-famous dance crew Jabbawockeez will offer an audio-visual story of motivation brought to life from the group’s signature movements and sound. Kids will not only be entertained but will learn from the performance.

 Your kids and your family can never go wrong if you decide to join in the show and be entertained by the Jabbawockeez. They do not have any lead, and they perform with white masks and gloves, which allow them to give nothing but the best show.

David Copperfield

Nothing puzzles kids the way magicians do. Children should be five years and older to fully enjoy the performance. The show is held at the David Copperfield Theater at MGM Grand. They have their special tricks that keep the kids glued and entertained.

Watch master magician David Copperfield perform his world-famous illusions live in Las Vegas. The show lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes. This will be a great thing to remember for the entire life, both for you and your kids!

Have you heard about the mysterious magic of separating the torso from the body? It is truly eye-catching. The best thing about magic is the fact that adults also do get fascinated and you shall enjoy the show as a family.

The chosen seat you have booked or the price for the ticket – that does not really matter, what matters is the way David Copperfield entertains: from the storyline illusions to his inspiring talent. Take your kids to his shows, and they might get lucky to be selected to participate in the show as he usually involves his audience in the performance.

The fun does not just end there; you will have the privilege to take photos with him, better yet when performing. This will leave a memorable moment, which your kids will never forget.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

If your kid is six years of age or older, and they enjoy hypnosis and mind-reading shows, then this is the show they are surely willing to go to. The performance lasts for 75 minutes, and this will probably be the best time of your stay in Vegas.

 At the Magic Attic Bally’s is where the show is being held. The whole family will feel excited and entertained. Apart from that, here, your kid might be lucky enough to get chosen for participation in the show, as the illusionist interacts with the audience. The performer is an international mentalist, Frederic Da Silva.

He brings his show of Paranormal Mind Reading Magic filled with mystery, magic, hypnosis, and mind-reading.

Frederic De Silva is a master showman, and he is very polite and friendly when it comes to communicating with his audience all through and after the show. After the mind-blowing performances, you will have a chance to shake hands with the performer. Photos are taken too, in order to keep the memory and make the excitement last longer.

This is one show you would not want your kids to miss. The show is super fun and enjoyable, with overwhelming performances that are unequaled.

Blue Man Group at Luxor

This is a performance of comic musical and artistic. The show is held at the Blue Man Theater, Luxor and may last up to 75 minutes. They use audience participation to guarantee a fantastic and unmatched show.

They are funny, and their performance is jaw-dropping. They offer great music with beautiful light production. The unbeatable Blue Man Group merges theatrics, art, music, and science to create a collaborative, fun and bass beat-driven skill full of comedy and energy.

For any family visiting Vegas, the Blue man group at the Luxor hotel is your ticket to unrivaled happiness. Suitable for kids from 3 years.  You will not regret purchasing your ticket – enjoy their music with your family and take photos to keep to make the moment last forever!.

It will be a pity if you visit Vegas with your family and do not get the chance to purchase tickets to this unique show. Well, other than that, enjoy the luxurious stay at the Vegas!

Enjoy the Family-Friendly Shows

The next time you will be visiting Vegas, you will not stress out about bringing kids with you, as now you can enjoy various family-friendly shows held in the city.

There are many other shows held in Vegas – however, this is a list of the best ones that you are bound to come back for more fun-filled moments.

Speaking about the above-selected shows, you will surely have a good time in Vegas. You will not worry about any babysitters to look after your kids. The family will have great moments together, and nothing can surpass such joy.

Make sure you book your tickets in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

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