If there is something that characterizes all engineering, it is that the graduation profile must include a strong dose of mathematics, physics and chemistry in order to train professionals capable of solving all kinds of problems creating innovative solutions for the benefit of our society.

Something curious, is that semester after semester come matters that are linked to previous semesters and although we are in the final stretch it is possible that we find a problem that requires something as simple as applying Newton’s Laws but that, probably for so many things that we have in mind, we will see the need to consult the civil engineering books that you have used since the pre-therapeutic course.

As a good engineer, with the passage of time you will realize that our ability to solve problems is increasingly powerful but that (unless you have a photographic memory) we will sometimes have to return to our “old reliable” library for one of the classics that I recommend below.

·        Baldor Algebra

This is one of the most important books for teaching algebra and is available in Spanish. It includes definitions from a very basic level as a function and exponent, many examples, exercises and forms.

·        2. Baldor Geometry and Trigonometry

Due to the nature of this mathematical branch, I consider that this book rises a bit simply because there are many concepts, functions and properties that you must master so that in combination with algebra you can solve any problem of calculation applied to engineering.

·        3. Baldor Arithmetic

Although they seem things that we dominate from primary or secondary level, this book is highly recommended, because it explains in detail the properties of basic arithmetic operations that if you master them you will not pass corages at high engineering levels by a classic sign error.

·        4. Physics, Concepts and Applications of Tippens

This book is essential to get you started in the study of physics because it covers all its fields: mechanics, thermal physics, wave motion, sound, electricity, light, optics, atomic physics and even nuclear.

Here you can purchase the seventh edition which includes solutions for all problems at the end of each chapter, a laboratory manual and Power Point presentations.

·        5. Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Science by Ronald E. Walpole

It is a very useful book that includes scientific and engineering applications that refer to real-life cases. It has some projects that teachers commonly commission for class and case studies that help to understand statistical methods in the context of our daily lives.

·        6. Chemistry of Raymond Chang

Chemistry is part of the common trunk of engineering, so this book of General Chemistry can be used when taking several degrees such as chemical engineering, chemical sciences, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering and even computer systems engineering.

This book, which is available here, is characterized by having a good balance between theory and practice, it is relatively easy to digest and something that will help you a lot are the images, photographs and diagrams that it includes.

·        7. The Calculation of Louis Leithold

It is definitely my favorite book, it was the one I consulted most during my career and although I have the first edition (a very old one) to date it has been very useful.

This book is a true classic in the teaching of calculus at a basic and higher or advanced level. Being already available in its seventh edition, it retains the characteristics that have made it the most consulted text by engineering students for years.

The great thing about the new version, which is available here, is that it now incorporates the most recent advances in the areas of technology and modern mathematical pedagogy.

And well before finishing just let me warn you that if you buy the calculation of Louis Leithold you will have a super book that will not fit in your backpack, its 1360 pages make it a true bible, it is very heavy but it really has everything you need.

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