Clientèle Limited has officially announced the launch of Clientèle Mobile.

Clientèle Mobile will offer data and airtime at discounted rates for Clientèle Rewards members through the Clientèle App.

Its SIM cards are available to purchase at a cost of R30.

Each Clientèle Mobile SIM card comes with 100MB of free data on activation.

Clientèle Rewards members receive an additional 100MB after the first Rewards fee payment and another 100MB after the second Rewards fee payment.

Clientèle Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service offered through a leading network provider.

Clientèle Mobile pricing offers Clientèle Rewards members up to 20% additional discounts on data packages and between 25% and 35% discounts on airtime, depending on their rewards status. Rewards members can also expect other exciting specials from time to time.

The first 10,000 members who purchase and activate their SIM card by 13 December 2019, will earn Clientèle Mobile Founder Member status. This prestigious status means that Founder Members are guaranteed to always receive a minimum discount of 25% on airtime and 15% on data every time they recharge their SIM on the Clientèle App, irrespective of their Rewards status and as long as their SIM card stays active.

“South Africa’s smartphone penetration has nearly doubled over the last two years and is now sitting at over 80%, which means more people are looking for better data deals. This is an exceptionally exciting shift for us as a business and we believe that it will lead to great results,” says Basil Reekie, Group Managing Director of Clientèle.

“Clientèle Mobile offers South Africans an opportunity to get connected with their loved ones for less. Rewarding conversations are only a Clientèle Mobile SIM card away, so get yours today and access some of South Africa’s most affordable airtime and data deals.”

Clientèle Mobile will be sold through agency, broker, telesales and IFA (the Network Marketing Division of Clientèle). While there will be an ability to SIM swop, for instance, if a client loses their SIM card, their Clientèle Mobile Number can be transferred to the new SIM, there will be no porting of numbers from other networks on to Clientèle Mobile at first, although this service will be offered in due course.  Non-Rewards members will have access to Clientèle Mobile airtime and data at standard rates, which Clientèle claims are already competitive relative to the market.


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