Travel Insurance For Domestic And International Trips

Certain domestic trips mean more dangerous travel- SCUBA diving, snowboarding, and skiing, for instance, can be quite hazardous

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Whether you’re visiting family, escaping to the beach, or taking your kids for holiday, you need to travel in style. And that’s exactly where domestic travel insurance comes in handy. Not only will it cover you for the unexpected but it will also give you the peace of mind to have fun.

The Basics

So, what’s domestic insurance and what does it cover? Insurance for domestic travel is typically designed to provide financial coverage for an extensive range of unexpected incidents that could happen while you’re traveling within your country. It covers trip cancelation, luggage loss, or rental car access.

Understanding Standard Domestic Policy Cover?

The exact coverage might vary depending on your policy, but domestic travel insurance generally provides financial protection for the following:

Lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings 

To simplify the claim process, ensure that you’ve proof of purchase for valuable items, such as your laptop. Also, be keen to check your policy’s limits per item. If your camera is worth $500, for instance, your domestic policy might only cover a maximum of $300 for replacement. Certain policies might allow you to extend the limit on an item by purchasing an additional premium. Of course, some countries offer cheap prices on local clothing but when trying to replace items in your bag that have been stolen, it can be quite costly. Remember, this isn’t something you had planned on taking, so it will definitely exert unnecessary pressure on your budget.

The coverage is limited. But with travel insurance, there’s a full cover for lost, destroyed, as well as stolen bags.

 Trip Cancellations

This often covers the costs associated with the cancellation of your flights, accommodation, or tours due to unexpected events like illness, cancellation of pre-approved leave, accidents, or any other natural disasters.

Of all the things, trip cancellation is the most important type of coverage. While you may not imagine if there’ll be any reason to have your trip canceled, you simply can’t predict the future. That’s why it’s also important to protect expensive domestic trips from cancellation.

Rental Vehicles Excess

If the vehicle you’re hired gets damaged or stolen under your care, a domestic insurance policy might cover part or all of the charges imposed by the rental company.

The level of cover, excesses, as well as exclusions,  will vary from one policy to another. So, be careful to read the terms and conditions plus the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) of each insurance plan before deciding on what’s right for you.

Available Options

You can either purchase a single trip or an annual multi-trip cover. If you’re a frequent traveler, investing in a multi-trip insurance policy can be more economical. It saves you the time plus and effort needed to buy individual policies every time. Even more, it is purchased to provide comprehensive coverage for you, your spouse, parents, as well as children.

The Bottom-Line

Whether you’re attending a special event, taking your kids for holiday, or going to the beach, you’ll need comprehensive coverage. Domestic travel insurance safeguards you against financial losses resulting from luggage loss, rental vehicle access, as well as trip cancellation.


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