Vodacom to ‘Shake!Up Summer’ with Over R100 million in Prizes

The 2019 “Shake!Up Summer” commercial features renowned DJ, Prince Kaybee and a throwback to Vodacom’s beloved character, ‘Mo’ the Meerkat, to many a household name associated with Vodacom, to celebrate 25 years. 


To celebrate 25 years of connecting South Africans, Vodacom customers will share over R100 million worth of prizes through its 2019 ‘Shake!Up Summer’ promotional campaign.

Available exclusively to customers on the country’s leading network, Vodacom customers will simply need to “Shake” their devices to win a share of over R100 million in prizes including cash, data, cars, vouchers for a year, international holidays and much more.

This year, for the first time ever, Vodacom has introduced functionality that allows customers to interact, engage, as well as ‘Shake’ using WhatsApp as a platform. Vodacom is a digitally-led telco that is constantly evolving and seeking innovative ways to improve customers’ communication lifestyle needs. This cements the company’s purpose of connecting millions of South Africans, ensuring inclusion for all and ultimately enabling a digital society.

“This being a special year for Vodacom, we decided to give customers even more. We always strive to deliver great value through the innovative products and services that we launch into the market. ‘Shake!Up Summer’ is yet another way of showing our appreciation to our customers in an entertaining and interactive way,” says Vodacom’s Chief Officer: Consumer Business Unit, Jorge Mendes.

To claim their daily free prize, customers need to shake using one of the three engagement channels (MyVodacom App, USSD and WhatsApp). To win bigger and better prizes, they will need to unlock a MegaShake, through earning VodaBucks by simply purchasing and enjoying the vast range of products and services on any of the three engagement channels.

Furthermore, customers can redeem their VodaBucks at the new VodaBucks Store (e-store), which will house a multitude of products such as electronic appliances and various other products, exclusively on the MyVodacom App.

Prizes up for grabs include:

  • 200 x R5 000 cash prize (R1 million in total)
  • 4 x Audi A3’s
  • 10 x international holidays
  • Uber for a year
  • Uber Eats for a year
  • 1 million MBs of data per day, to a single customer, every day for 90 days
  • 2 million ice creams and much, much more.

The 2019 “Shake!Up Summer” commercial features renowned DJ, Prince Kaybee and a throwback to Vodacom’s beloved character, ‘Mo’ the Meerkat, to many a household name associated with Vodacom, to celebrate 25 years.

This year’s “Shake!Up Summer” campaign follows the popular and successful Shake Every Day promotion that Vodacom customers became accustomed to over the last two years.

For those that are not on SA’s Leading Network, it is never too late. Move to summer, move to Vodacom, shake and win your share of over R100 million in prizes.

Download the My Vodacom App and join in the Shake revolution or chat to TOBi on WhatsApp via 082 009 8624 [082 009 TOBi]. Alternatively dial *133# to start shaking now.


  1. Hi. please help me how to win because I always see TV megashake people names who have won but I have 8 vodabucks

    • You get 1 FREE shake every day plus the chance to earn VodaBucks to unlock even more prizes.
      You need 30 vodabucks for a Mega Shake (This entitles you to perhaps winning these prizes):
      200 x R5 000 cash prize (R1 million in total)
      4 x Audi A3’s
      10 x international holidays
      Uber for a year
      Uber Eats for a year
      1 million MBs of data per day, to a single customer, every day for 90 days
      2 million ice creams and much, much more.

  2. I have been winning a lot of 60minfor 3 days + 1 gig data both for day and sometimes for YouTube . It’s real just haven’t won a very big prize like a million or a car . But a won draw entries to a holiday.

    • 1 million MBs of data per day, to a single customer, every day for 90 days.
      I would imagine that this is data that can be used to download / Facebook / YouTube etc.
      (Who could ever use up 1 million megs in one day)?
      It would NEVER be actual cash money.

  3. I sometimes wish you guys gave is options on what to win course some of the things I win become complete useless to me like the tickets I don’t know how to use them and it doesn’t help the fact that I also don’t have the Vodacom app since my phone can’t download

    • I totally agree.
      I don’t have the time in a day to use 1GB of data for Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Music etc.
      I would also prefer to choose a prize that I can actually make use of.
      The 1GB of data to use as you like is probably the best option so far.

  4. How do we even know if there are really people winning these prizes, every month I get hundreds of entries into these draws but no results & Twitter/Instagram/Music data that I don’t even use.. Ridiculous!

  5. Good morning

    Ihave been battling since the 13th of december 2019 when i used 600 vodabucks points to get the bondiblue sunglasses..My points where deducted but i never received the goods..I phoned vodacom customer care and was given a ref nr for my query just to get a sms the next day to say that the ref nr has been closed..I dont understand what is going on is there anyone the can urgently assist me please.


  6. I have been wining entries only and I’m tired of wining entries every day I’m still waiting A3 and 100.000 regards mpho

  7. The R100 off you get on a bus ticket for which bus company can you use it when you exchange 175 megabucks for the R100 off your bus ticket

  8. So heartbreaking n sad when vodacom people phoned me saying I won money n car but at the end they made borrow money cause am not working saying dat I should send it to them,an wait 15m to get back to me as for now I feel like thy played me coz I hvnt won non of the things the mantioned to me……….thy jus made not to trust vodacom shakeup competition.

  9. It’s a scam. I have since October won hundreds upon hundreds of entries into these so called draws for these fantastic prizes. However all these entries expire prior to the draw taking place????!!!!???.

    What a scam. Hoe can you win entries for a draw that will never be applicable as they expire before the draw date. What a load of hog.

    Here you go… you have women 500bentries to win an Audi A3 for the draw on 03.03.2020. However they expire on 27.02.2020…. hahahahaha there is vodacom laughing at us idots thinking we gonna win something that is impossible to win.

    • I have noticed the same, this is a money making story. They don’t even do a draw. Vodacom truly has no humanity giving people hope. Shame on you Vodacom!! 🙁

    • Everytime I play I win Jet/Edgar’s vouchers! Vodacom is just fooling people! And their winnings expire 2days before the draw! Mnxm….

  10. There is no winning A3 or mega millions it’s just play game, this is not real thing Vodacom it’s playing us here.

  11. Hello my vodacom I like vodacom very much and my vodacom her make me feel gud every time I enjoy 2 us vodacom and my network is vodacom I can’t us any network only vodacom is my favorite long time I us vodacom maybe 10 year now or more I’m customers for the vodacom forward my vodacom

  12. Like you all say, it’s just a marketing ploy to keep the average consumer I retested in the Vodacom application or sms ploy. It distracts the consumer from identifying with other service providers. Also when do these draws happen and where. Is it ethical to have private draws happen behind the scenes and then post a bunch of names as winners . Like these people really exist or they must have really spent a lot on airtime or wasteful contracts to actually qualify for any such prizes, like we said if they exist. I figured this out the hard way. Been playing the game every day for 2 years now and never received nothing more than R70 clothing vouchers at edgars if u spend R500 or more. I received 100 entries once or twice for an Audi but like I said , it’s just an imaginary prize, how can one never win a decent prize if I played twice a day for 365 days for 2 years. That’s 1460 chances minimum which never materialized. I’d rather try my luck fishing .

  13. I have been playing Vodacom shake since last last of last year I want know how do we see the winner can you update me so that I can that what I’m playing is for real.

  14. The is nothing like that….vodacom is playing us. Today I received a call from this other number and the person said I am a winner therefore I need to buy 110 airtime and then after they will send me 4000 and a phone. How can you identify a winner and then ask him to buy before winning. This whole thing is a scam. I am disappointed in Vodacom🤭😟😟😟

  15. I can see some of the people are winning I also pray to God to help me win bigger price with Vodacom ShakeUp please prove your self to me guy that you are the best network in South Africa 🌍 Vodacom power to you

  16. What happen if you win and vodacom cant get hold of you ??? Bcos they said vodacom will call you…i suspect i miss vodacom calls

  17. South Africa is controlled by scammers, Vodacom, MTM, CellC, banks and don’t forget, Telkom. One big happy scammer’s family. we the ppl have the power and we need to stop them. we all have to work together and stop supporting them, we can stay at home for 30days, we can stop supporting them for 30days easy. its time.

  18. I don’t wher to start I have been called by people who claims they are from vodacom from this numbers 0824216928 /0665303498 who said I have won n they have send me voucher number but since from Wednesday I have tried to redeem the voucher but till now it is not working I don’t whether is a scam or what

  19. I have been playing all this am just getting data for video that i don’t even know what to do with just shaking for nothing.I don’t even know how to use my vodabucks.

  20. I want to be sure if its true i got a message today saying i won 20 thousand and a samsung galaxy phone …so i have been getting calls they said i must deposit R1000 into their account so please tell me if its right or maybe they are scammers i might not know



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