People have different ambitions when they play casino games, regardless if that is online or at a fancy casino in Las Vegas or Macau. Some will aim to beat the house with their blackjack strategy, or trust to lady luck with the spin of the roulette wheel.

Yet, there is a growing trend for casino games developers to create super jackpots, with prizes to rival even those awarded in national lotteries. The idea is that a random player will spin and win the lot.

Below, we have highlighted the games that have the biggest jackpots found anywhere online.

Please note that we have approximated the values in USD due to the fact that the prizes have been awarded in different countries:

  1. Mega Moolah (Microgaming) $20.75 million in September 2018

The undisputed king of jackpot games, you can find the Mega Moolah slot at this site for South African players: The game has, in fact, four different jackpot prizes, with the top prize always being worth at least $1 million. It is one of the world’s most popular casino games, so that prize – funded by taking a small percentage of each bet – grows to astronomical proportions. Mega Moolah was even cited in the Guinness Book of Records for its huge payouts.

  1. Mega Fortune (NetEnt) $19.5 million in January 2013

The previous record holder, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune has been around for several years now and remains a popular choice among players. It arguably joins Mega Moolah above as the signature online casino jackpot games. Indeed, if this were a list of individual payouts – only those two games would be on it. The slot’s theme – a taste of the luxury lifestyle – sits well with the ambitions of the players looking to hit that fortune. Mega Fortune also boasts several lesser jackpots that can also be hugely lucrative.

  1. Jackpot Giant (Playtech) $11.66 million in October 2018

While it’s a big drop from the first two games, Jackpot Giant is nevertheless a huge favourite among jackpot hunters. The game is part of Playtech’s massive jackpot network, which also features Age of the Gods, Gladiator and DC Superheroes games. Unlike the others, however, Jackpot Giant is a standalone game. Possibly the most striking example of a game that it puts the pursuit of the massive prize at the very front and centre of its marketing.

  1. Arabian Nights (NetEnt) $9.47 million in November 2012

Arabian Nights is a good example of how a slot does not need to have the spectacular graphics and gameplay that many new releases have in order to be popular. It is a simple game, played with just 10 paylines, but there are some highly lucrative prizes on offer; even when overlooking the big jackpot. However, that big prize is at the forefront of players’ minds.

  1. Hall of Gods (NetEnt) $8.54 million in April 2015

Unlike most games on this list, where a random spin will award the jackpot or jackpot game, Hall of Gods infuses the jackpot hunt into the fabric of the gameplay. Once the main bonus is triggered, which happens quite often, you get a shot at revealing those jackpot symbols to win the big prize. The mechanics of the awarding of the jackpot are the same – random – but it adds to the excitement when players know they are but one reveal away from a life changing sum of money.


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