I don’t have time” is the phrase that many women often use when postponing a medical consultation or preventive health care. From not only the unequal overload of household chores and family care but also the health of other loved ones including children, parents and even their partners always seem to come before their own.

Avon Justine believes that this must change.

It is time to make time!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in South African women but finding it at an early stage makes it more treatable.

In order to detect it early, it is necessary to know your breasts and check for anything unusual as well as have regular medical checkups such as an annual screening.

Since 2001, Avon Justine has been committed to the health of all women, and, in 2019 the company has renewed its commitment through the Take a #BreastBreak awareness campaign. This campaign is part of the Avon Breast Cancer Promise which aims to make sure all women know the risks, know the signs, and know how to take action.

“We stand and affirm that having time to take care of ourselves as women is a right. It’s a promise, women can make to themselves, says Bridget Bhengu, Avon Justine Corporate Communications Director.

“Preventive health is a right and importantly, checking your breasts may save your life”.

Avon invites all women to take a break in October and ensure they make time to have a checkup. As part of the Take a #BreastBreak awareness campaign women are invited to attend the iThemba Walkathon on Sunday, 20 October. Registrations can be made on www.ithembawalkathon.co.za for R175 per adult and R115 for children between the ages of 2 and 12.

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