Several million Zambian mobile users have been successfully registered by over 3 000 local agents over the past nine months using South African SIM card registration software.


The African-developed SIM (Subscriber Identity Mobile) registration system is helping Zambian mobile network operators (MNOs) comply with ZICTA (Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority) KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.


After winning a tender last year, the system designed by Johannesburg-based firm Axon Wireless is now fully bedded down and processing tens of thousands of mobile SIMs across Zambia each day.


“This is pan-African knowledge transfer at its best. After using South Africa as a proving ground, we took what worked and totally customised it for Zambia. In the process, income opportunities have been created in a fellow African country and MNO efficiency improved,” says Justin Lipshitz, CEO of Axon Wireless.


The software developed in Joburg by Axon is loaded onto Zambian agents’ existing mobile phones which minimises SIM registration costs. In addition, the software is flexible which means any amendments to ZICTA SIM registration requirements can be easily actioned.


“Our software incorporates agent sign-up incentives which means everyone wins,” Lipshitz added.

Since winning the SIM registration tender in 2018, Lipshitz says Axon Wireless has been impressed by the growth potential of Zambia which remains one of Africa’s most stable countries with improving infrastructure and excellent people talent.


“We see potential to expand into other verticals such as banking and insurance where there is scope for remote biometric account opening. We believe we can help Zambian businesses improve customer authentication in the provision of telecoms, financial and many other end-user services,” concludes Lipshitz.


Axon Wireless has enrolled over 200 million people globally using its customer registration technology and handheld devices since commercial launch. Axon’s Face2Face 4.X Identity Management Platform provides mobile and retail customer biometric registration solutions that deliver mobility, regulatory compliance, speed and simplicity.


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