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South Africa’s retailer TFG (The Foschini Group) has partnered with delivery service, WumDrop to push boundaries with new online delivery service. The new service, Deliver 2 Me was developed by WumDrop.

Deliver 2 Me, which aims to be a convenient delivery solution, uses geo-location services (already used in apps like Uber) to avoid the need for specific street delivery addresses.

The service was tested during December 2016 and included delivering parcels to a tourist on Table Mountain, a surfer on Blouberg Beach, a hipster moving between Long Street and Mzoli’s requiring a location change, and finally to a mom strolling along Sea Point Promenade.

The Deliver 2 Me service is available via the TFG’s online shopping site TFG eMall.

The TFG eMall hosts 11 linked stores, meaning customers can cross shop all online brands and check out in one bag. Stores currently online are @home, Anatomy, Duesouth, Duesouth Escapes, Fabiani, Foschini For Beauty, hi, Markham, Relay Jeans, Sportscene, and Totalsports.

“This delivery solution is now live in Cape Town and we plan to expand the service to Johannesburg and Durban in the next couple of months,” said Brent Curry, Chief Information Officer at TFG.

“Deliver 2 Me uses a geo-location tracking system, similar to what the Uber app uses, allowing customers to pinpoint their exact location for delivery, but without having to download an app onto their phone.”

How to place an order with Deliver 2 Me

  • A customer places their order online with TFG and chooses the Deliver 2 Me delivery option. When the parcel is ready, TFG will send the customer an SMS. The customer can either choose ‘Deliver now’ or ‘Deliver later’.
  • The ‘Deliver now’ option will allow them to drop a pin or type in a specific location, and the parcel will be delivered within a maximum of 3 hours (traffic dependent).
  • The ‘Deliver later’ option will allow customers to choose another time or day when delivery is more convenient.
  • Customers are also able to change their location whilst delivery is taking place. In that instance TFG will automatically prompt the customer to drop a pin at their new location.
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