South African Airways (SAA) on Tuesday warned the public of several scams running on social media.

The first scam claims that customers have been “selected” to participate in a “short survey and get two South African Airways tickets” for free, with customers directed to

“SAA’s website is The airline is not running any competition which offers free tickets,” said SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali.

A second scam targeting SAA customers is also making the rounds. This is a false URL used for phishing for personal information from customers on

“We have taken note of these latest scams circulating on social media and distributed on other channels suggesting customers have been selected to take part in a short survey and get two South African Airways tickets.

“We distance ourselves from any communication which is misleading the public and makes false claims while pretending to be an official SAA channel, or those seeking to obtain personal information,” said Tlali.

The airline previously experienced such false communication hoaxes which take various forms such as false recruitment drives, enticing people to participate in competitions or seeking personal information. These false claims are mostly prevalent on social media.

The national carrier’s communication platforms are regularly updated and carry all official company messages.

“SAA would like to urge members of the public to be cautious, protect their personal details and cross check or verify information with the company before they decide to participate in competitions or other dubious requests for personal information. It appears that SAA’s Corporate Identity and logo have been used illegally for promotional purposes of another. However, there is no click-through to the SAA website.”

When SAA posts competitions on social media they always click through to

“SAA apologises for any inconvenience or confusion caused. We plead with the public and our customers to refer to our official social media channels for reliable information,” said Tlali.

The official SAA official channels of communication are:

General Enquiries: +27 11 978-1000

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